Facility Management SOLUTIONS for 2021

Take a look at these facility management products designed to advance operations & maintenance in the coming year!

By the Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2020 Issue

As facilities teams plan for the new year and beyond, facility management professionals are in the market for new and innovative solutions. This SOLUTIONS 2021 feature highlights facility management products and services poised to deliver desired results in myriad aspects of facility operations.

Throughout this section, you’ll find an overview of innovative offerings tailored to the needs of facility executives and their teams in the coming year. The questions were posed by Facility Executive, and the resulting Q&A articles provide a look into how these SOLUTIONS 2021 products and services are designed to meet the current needs of facility management teams everywhere.facility management products

Electrical Equipment



Connectrac facility management productsWhat is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?

Connectrac® is launching Flex™ in February 2021. Flex provides invisible, movable power connections throughout a space via a unique floor-based power and data distribution system. Unlike core drills and power poles, Connectrac Flex can go anywhere in a space; it is agile, adaptable, and, above all, simple. Quick to install and change without disruption to a space, Connectrac raceways and accessories are used in open office space environments, classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, airports, and more.

Connectrac How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Connectrac Flex is the ideal solution for today’s COVID environment. Flex allows facility managers and space planners alike to make changes to their space on the fly and as often as needed; this product can go anywhere in a space without disruption. Workplaces today have the need for more flexibility as rooms need to serve multiple needs throughout the day—training room in the morning and yoga room in the afternoon. Connectrac Flex adapts to these changes on demand and allows facilities to meet the needs of their customers quickly.

In a follow up interview, Steve Batchelder, director of sales at Connectrac, provided further insight about Connectrac Flex™ and related facilities trends. Please click below to listen.

Contact: Amy Fry, Director of Marketing
8707 Chancellor Row, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 877-480-5637 E-mail: amyf@connectrac.com
Web: Connectrac.com

Office Technology

HID Global

HID® FARGO® INK1000 Inkjet Card Printer & Encoder

HID GlobalWhat is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?

Bringing the simplicity and affordability of inkjet printing to personalized cards and IDs, the HID FARGO® INK1000 is the next revolution in desktop card printing.

Easy-to-use, affordable and dependable, the HID FARGO INK1000 is ideal for cost-conscious small- to medium-sized businesses and K-12 schools that need to print high-quality corporate and visitor badges, student and faculty IDs, or gift and loyalty cards.

Ultra-reliable and low maintenance, the HID FARGO INK1000 features exclusive inkjet printing technology. Easy-to-install, snap-in ink cartridges contain specially formulated inks that naturally adhere to standard, off-the-shelf PVC and composite cards.

HID FARGO INK1000 delivers high quality, high definition, true edge-to-edge ID card printing while eliminating the hassles of print ribbons or the need for specialized cards. With its high 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution, images are sharp and brilliant—and text and barcodes are crisply defined.

HID Global facility management productsHow is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The HID FARGO® INK1000 makes printing everything from gift and loyalty cards to employee and membership fast and cost-effective.

Featuring HID’s exclusive inkjet printing technology, this ultra-reliable, low maintenance and affordable solution brings your card designs to life at a fraction of the cost.

  • Easy to use: It is as simple to use as your home office printer.
  • Affordable: Brings your card designs to life in brilliant 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution at a fraction of the cost of ribbon-based card printers.
  • Sustainable: Eliminates wasted ribbon panels with exclusively formulated, Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inks that are compatible with standard, off-the-shelf PVC cards—an industry first.
  • Reliable: Provides outstanding performance and unrivaled quality from the leading brand in card issuance.

In a follow up interview, Mike Mans, senior product marketing manager, DTC Printers, Secure Issuance for HID Global, discussed the HID FARGO INK1000 and related facilities trends. Please click below to listen.

HID Global
Contact: Renata Schumann
611 Center Ridge Drive, Austin, TX 78753
Phone: 512-705-5208 E-mail: rschumann@hidglobal.com
Web: HidGlobal.com


Coastwide Professional

The J-Series Dispenser Line

Coastwide ProfessionalWhat is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?

Coastwide Professional offers industrial-grade products and a unique systems approach that make day-to-day facility management cleaning easier for facilities and operational managers. The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series dispenser line is a comprehensive, cross-category line of products that keeps facilities clean and well-stocked so your janitorial staff can operate efficiently.

The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series restroom dispenser line debuted in 2020.

It currently features a Roll Towel and Bath Tissue unit, and new this month is the introduction of the Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

Coastwide ProfessionalThe company’s Roll Towel and Bath Tissue unit each are built for intuitive use by guests and easy maintenance for janitorial staff, and designed to modernize any restroom. The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series Roll Towel unit (bottom photo) allows customization of consumption while the Bath Tissue Dispenser holds two rolls for typical office needs or a medium traffic restroom. And, a four-roll unit provides maximum capacity usage at convention centers or large stadium venues. Each includes a sliding door to minimize contamination. The Soap Dispenser product uses high-capacity 1,200 ml soap refills and can control the amount of soap dispensed for each guest to reduce waste.

The new Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (top photo) is a wall-mountable manual dispenser that comes with mounting hardware, uses high-capacity 1,200 ml refills, and is featured in white with a gloss finish. The unit has a clear front window and red low battery warning light to help you easily identify how much hand sanitizer is left and when to replace the battery.

Coming next spring, Coastwide Professional will be releasing its Air Care timed aerosol dispenser to purify restroom air and remove foul odors. The unit is built using premium quality materials for long-term services and features a clock/sleep setting to properly time spray intervals with the amount of spray desired at different times of the day.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series line of restroom dispensers allows facility managers to better manage their inventory and replenishment time. Coastwide Professional implements organizational design using a simple systems approach. Each product has easy-to-follow bilingual instructional graphics for convenient loading and set up. By using clear communication and functional cues, it takes the guesswork out of cleaning and provides invaluable time, labor, and cost savings so your custodial staff can be more efficient with any cleaning job.

In a follow up interview, Susan Scapparone, director of product development at the company, provided further insight about the J-Series Dispenser Line, other solutions from Coastwide Professional and facilities trends. Please click below to listen.

Coastwide Professional
Contact: Susan Scapparone, Director of Product Development
E-mail: Susan.Scapparone@Staples.com
Web: Staples.com/Coastwide Professional; StaplesAdvantage.com/CoastwideProfessional; and Quill.com

Security & Safety



facility management productsWhat is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?

BuildingReports’ ScanSeries mobile application suite includes two inspection and reporting apps that provide unique advantages to service companies and facility management professionals in addressing two major challenges going into 2021.

SecurityScan and SafetyScan from BuildingReports provide verifiable inspection, preventative maintenance, and service documentation for critical facility assets and is used to deliver interactive web-based reporting services. The ScanSeries suite of mobile inspection applications leverages a point-and-scan barcoding system for asset-level inspections, adhering with all codes and standards established by bodies such as the NFPA, ICC, OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA.

At a facility level, management teams can view device history with a simple scan, see and manage service schedules, budget based on historical data, and easily produce objective evidence of compliance as needed. From an organizational level, stakeholders across the globe can see the status of every facility in their database at a glance, drill down to important details, and access critical system intelligence for performance management.

Building ReportsHow is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Recent developments have created unique challenges for facility executives over the past year. First, as of August 13, 2020, the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act banned the use of devices and components from five major manufacturers in federal agency and critical infrastructure facilities. Second, businesses are also working hard to re-open and stay open due to COVID-19 with aggressive cleaning and safety efforts.

With SecurityScan, impacted facilities are able to manage a comprehensive database of assets containing device-level insights regarding the buildings impacted, manufacturer, model number, and the physical location in each facility. For those unable to positively identify the quantity and location of the banned devices in their facilities, SecurityScan can assist moving forward in 2021, and with similar situations as they arise in the future.

With new COVID-related features in SafetyScan, facility management professionals can track and report sanitization and disinfection efforts. In addition, the added level of oversight and scrutiny is a boost in improving employee and customer confidence in those efforts. Using LiveArchive labels, facility managers can even improve peace of mind by providing access to these reports using QR code stickers for one-click touchless access to reports.

In a follow up interview, Dwight Wills, vice president, sales & marketing for BuildingReports, shared insight on the ScanSeries suite of mobile apps, and related facilities trends. Please click below to listen.

Contact: Jason Kronz, President & Chief Technology Officer
1325 Satellite Blvd., Suite 1607, Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 770-495-1993
E-mail: info@buildingreports.com
Web: www.BuildingReports.com


New Pig

PIG Carpet Protection Runners

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?

New Pig facility management productsPIG Carpet Protection Runners feature non-slip, polyester blend, ADA-compliant, low profile surfaces while trapping dirt, moisture, stains, and grease in high traffic areas to keep it from damaging carpet fibers. Runners are safer and will add years of life to commercial carpets and avoid costly cleanings. Use these attractive adhesive-backed carpet runners to protect your investment in entrances, walkways, transition areas between manufacturing and office spaces, customer service counters, and coffee stations. Easy to maintain—vacuum daily, or deep clean with a carpet extractor.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Until now, rugs were the only protection for commercial carpets. Rugs don’t work on high traffic areas because they bunch, flip, shift, and obstruct door openings. The same is true for rugs on carpet except for the added expense of cleaning and replacing the unprotected carpet. Pig Carpet Protection Runners adhere safely to low-pile commercial carpets keeping dirt, water, and grimy stains away. Keeping a facility cleaner and safer is every facility manager’s goal. Protecting existing carpet to save labor and cleaning expenses is a bonus.

New Pig
Contact: Kristie Carruthers, Public Relations
One Pork Avenue, Tipton PA 16684
Phone: 814-684-0101 E-mail: kristiem@newpig.com
Web: NewPig.com

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