Facility Management SOLUTIONS For 2019

Take a look at these facility management products to meet your needs in the coming year.

Facility Management Solutions 2019

As organizations plan and execute facility management related projects at the end of the year—and into the new year, those responsible for key decisions for these projects are in the market for fresh and innovative facility management solutions. With that in mind, this SOLUTIONS 2019 feature highlights products and services poised to deliver desired results in various aspects of facility operations.

Throughout this SOLUTIONS section, you’ll find an overview of innovative offerings tailored to the needs of facility executives and their teams in 2019. The questions were posed by Facility Executive, and the resulting Q&A articles on the following pages provide a look into how and why these products and services are solutions to consider for your facilit

Cable Management


Floor Based Cable Management SolutionsFacility Management Solutions 2019 Connectrac

What is a notable product or service that Connectrac is offering to facility management professionals in 2019?

Connectrac provides facility professionals a floor based cable management solution that delivers power and data within a space without the need for core drilling, trenching, or power poles. Connectrac has become the standard to provide power and connectivity for the entire office space. Core drilling is the old standby and accepted way to deliver power and data to a space. However, this is not a flexible solution for today’s changing demands, but Connectrac is. Core drilling can hold up construction and cause disruption in and around the space, typically requiring extra time for approvals and the install, not to mention the fact that once core drills are in, there’s no changing them.

One solution from Connectrac is the company’s 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway, an unobtrusive solution that accommodates power cable management to any space with carpet tiling. Shown here, this cable management solution is ideal for conference rooms, collaborative areas, lounges, lecterns, and more. It provides a subtle and invisible installation beneath carpet tiles in the facility. The 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway offers the option of two or four electrical outlets, and the product accommodates multiple connectivity cables. It is listed through ETL/Intertek, and is ADA compliant.

For 2019, Connectrac’s Product Development team is creating a new solution that will expand the flexibility and adaptability of the company’s product line to answer all of the demands of the always changing work space.

How is this upcoming offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The needs of the work place are constantly changing, and the demands to deliver power and data is increasing. Connectrac has taken the feedback from facility managers of the largest North American corporations to the most influential specifiers to create a product that better services the demand for power and connectivity anywhere and everywhere it is needed. All of this with flexibility, eliminating limitations.

Contact: Stephen Reed/Sales Manager
8707 Chancellor Row, Dallas TX 75247
Phone: 877-480-5637
E-mail: stephenr@connectrac.com
Web: www.connectrac.com

HVAC/Indoor Air Quality

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant FlowFacility Management Solutions 2019 Mitsubishi

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US’s CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems deliver high-performance energy efficiency and precise comfort control to buildings of all shapes, sizes, and applications.

VRF consistently performs at 25% higher efficiency than conventional HVAC systems. Conventional systems condition air or water at a central location and inefficiently push it throughout a building. VRF delivers refrigerant directly to the area that requires cooling or heating using full-range variable capacity to deliver only the amount of conditioning required to match the zone’s demand. Integrated controls and sensors measure conditions within each zone and signal the INVERTER compressor to adjust its speeds to maintain the desired zone temperature.

By providing individual zone control, occupants can personalize their own comfort, reducing the number of indoor occupant comfort calls your team receives. Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) systems even provide simultaneous cooling and heating from a two-pipe heat recovery system, improving occupant comfort while reducing installation complexity and cost.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

CITY MULTI VRF systems provide your buildings with these advantages and many more:

  • Advanced INVERTER technology that varies the compressor speed for more efficient cooling and heating
  • Complete zone control that cools and heats only the areas that need it
  • Comprehensive product family to accommodate small spaces or large buildings and campuses
  • Quiet operation indoors and out with whisper-quiet indoor units and outdoor unit operation as quiet as 58 dB(A)
  • CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN) controls up to 2,000 indoor units from a single networked PC or tablet; CMCN can act as a stand-alone building management system or can integrate with existing systems via LonWorks® or BACnet®.
  • Integrated control of multiple mechanical systems, regardless of manufacturer, into a single interface via Diamond Controls™ for unprecedented control over an entire building, multiple buildings on a site, or multiple buildings across the country
  • Simple maintenance consists of outdoor unit condenser coil cleanings and simple, periodic indoor unit filter changes or cleanings—none of which require a specialized service contractor.

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
Contact: www.MitsubishiPro.com

Office Technology

HID Global

HID FARGO HDP6600 Card Printer & EncoderFacility Management Solutions 2019 HID Global

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

Fast, innovative, feature-rich and reliable, the HID® FARGO® HDP6600 sets the new customer demanded standard in retransfer printing.

Options include:

  • Dual-sided printing
  • Wasteless LMX card lamination module* (one-material and two-material configurations)
  • Card flattener
  • Magnetic stripe encoder
  • Contact Smart Card encoder
  • Contactless Smart Card encoding modules
  • 200-card input hopper
  • Dual input card hopper module*
  • Physical locks for card hoppers and consumables access*
  • Secure Proprietary Consumables System*
  • Custom secure holographic overlaminate*
  • Printer cleaning kit

Only the HID FARGO HDP6600 offers:

  • Ability to print up to 230 cards per hour (YMCK with transfer)
  • Patent-pending iON™ technology for unparalleled printer readiness and intelligent temperature control
  • Retransfer-based wasteless lamination*
  • Simultaneous print and retransfer
  • GreenCircle® certified energy savings
    * Contact us for availability

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The FARGO® HDP6600 from HID Global is the most advanced, efficient and fastest desktop-based retransfer printer available on the market today. Designed to meet the needs of cost- and efficiency-conscious organizations, the HDP6600 produces cards at unprecedented speeds—and leveraging HID Global’s innovative wasteless lamination technology, the HDP6600 can help cut your high-volume lamination materials cost by up to 40%.

This printer is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and reliable solution that provides high resolution 600 dpi printing capability for superior text and image quality as well as wasteless lamination for an ultra-low cost-per-card.

It is ideal for organizations of any size that need retransfer printing technology to routinely issue secure and durable, high definition IDs or cards at high-speeds.

HID Global
Contact: 611 Center Ridge Drive, Austin TX 78753
Phone: 800-872-5359 (Press option #2)
Email: sisales@hidglobal.com
Web: www.hidglobal.com


Axis Communications

AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door StationFacility Management Solutions 2019 Axis

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

The AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station is an open, non-proprietary IP-based door station for two-way communication, video identification, and remote entry control. From a central command center or a mobile device, you simply receive a video call, verify the visitor, and allow or deny access to the building. Like any Axis product, it is designed to be integrated with the best-of-breed solutions such as an existing video management software or IP phone system.

This network door station is a perfect complement to any surveillance installation and offers new possibilities for effective access control in one single device. Built with full-fledged advanced technologies for great low-light performance, noise reduction, and echo cancellation, the network door station ensures dependable identification. It is not only operationally efficient for environments where employees and visitors are constantly moving, but also enterprise facilities with increased security needs and larger campuses, such as commercial buildings or factories.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Axis network door stations are very advantageous products for facilities with high demands on security requiring integrated video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm, and IP telephony systems to achieve full control and situational awareness.

AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station is a weather- and vandal-proof device intended for outdoor installations at doors, gates and any entranceway. This provides reliable, 24/7 identification and clear, two-way communication even in demanding situations. Using a mobile app, IP phone, or video management system (VMS), you can open doors directly or remotely.

Open interfaces and standards such as ONVIF compliance and support for SIP makes an AXIS A8004-VE easy to integrate into existing infrastructure without the need for extra equipment. You can also record hazardous events and trigger alerts to help identify emergency situations by adding audio and video analytics such as motion detection, audio detection, and active tampering alarm. This network door station allows you to optimize your system to reach increased security levels and provide efficient workflows throughout any type of facility.

Axis Communications, Inc.
Contact: Axis Sales Team
300 Apollo Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone: 800-444-2947, option 1
E-mail: Sales-Dev-NA@axis.com
Web: www.axis.com



HID Reader Manager

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

HID® Reader Manager™ is a mobile application that allows the user to securely and easily manage readers. HID Reader Manager puts the control of reader administration a tap or swipe away via iOS or Android compatible devices. Users have the power to govern authorization keys, change reader configurations, update firmware, or locate and inspect status of enabled readers within Bluetooth proximity through the Reader Manager mobile application.

It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to:

  • Streamline administration
  • Leverage secure communication; and
  • Promote a better experience.

Upgrade kits are available for the iCLASS SE® and multiCLASS SE® readers. A simple plug-in module, the Bluetooth and OSDP Upgrade Kit allows for non-compatible readers to be upgraded and support these technologies. Use the upgrade kit to permanently or temporarily connect to readers that don’t continuously require Bluetooth support.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Businesses today are challenging every department to do more with less, and that includes security. The ability to utilize time and resources to the fullest is critical. The HID Reader Manager gives security professionals the ability to simplify processes and administration by providing instant access for field maintenance and updates, supporting the latest industry standard protocol Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and constant availability that mitigates disruptions.

HID Global
Contact: Sales
611 Center Ridge Drive, Austin TX 78753
Phone: 800-237-7769
Email : insidesales@hidglobal.com
Web: www.hidglobal.com


Mercury Security

LP Series Intelligent Controllers (Linux-platform)Facility Management Solutions 2019 Mercury Security

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

The new Authentic Mercury LP Series Intelligent Controllers are Mercury Security’s next generation advanced access control platform that runs on embedded Linux. The enhanced platform offers an improved processor and increased memory, plus features an embedded crypto memory chip that provides a secured layer of encryption to onboard sensitive data. Built on the Authentic Mercury open platform, LP Series controllers provide the necessary flexibility for OEMs, channel partners, and end customers to choose the controller configuration that best fits their needs.

Shown here with Matt Barnette, President of Mercury Security, the LP4502 supports a variety of extended features including High Assurance Credential Authentication and complies with the BACnet IP communication protocol. A USB-to-Ethernet IP adapter provides a redundant host IP connection. It has direct hardware support for two openings and can scale to 64 access points. Built on proven Authentic Mercury hardware, this high-performance intelligent controller embeds elevator destination dispatch and provides integrated power management analytics to proactively detect failure before it occurs.

For end-users seeking a comprehensive and open access control platform, increased user capacity, and a reliable hardware platform running an expanded set of applications, the LP4502 is the clear solution. It delivers a complete security and access control solution as well as innovative application extensions, interoperability, and data security.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The facility management market is showing continued adoption of open platforms, since systems based on open standards will be the key for ensuring flexibility, increased ROI, and scalability for end-user organizations throughout the lifecycle of their access control system. The open model drives innovation and adoption of the latest technologies in access control to meet the constantly changing needs of end-user organizations, including the need to incorporate building automation and other smart building capabilities into a single, streamlined infrastructure as more connected environments become the norm.

As a result, end-users are selecting Mercury’s industry-leading solutions that are optimized to meet the full range of customer requirements in today’s dynamic market. Mercury’s solutions are enabled by open architecture, which has become the de facto feature that is used to judge the extensibility of systems and ability to support a range of standards (including OSDP and BACnet, PSIA, MQTT and numerous networking standards). Access control systems based on Mercury’s truly open hardware provide the stepping stone for streamlined integration and scalability, especially in smarter and more connected environments.

Mercury Security
Contact: Steve Lucas, VP of Sales and Marketing
2355 Mira Mar Avenue, Long Beach CA 90815
Phone: 562-986-9105
E-mail: steve.l@mercury-security.com
Web: www.mercury-security.com


Chapin International, Inc.

8500B Stainless Steel Rock Salt Drop SpreaderFacility Management Solutions 2019 Chapin

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

Chapin will introduce the 8500B Stainless Steel Rock Salt Drop Spreader for grounds maintenance professionals in 2019. This spreader has a large 200 lb. capacity hopper made of solid stainless steel with rolled edges and no welds. Discharge holes are located behind the wheels for a full 36″ drop width. A split axle allows the wheels to drive left and right agitators independently to break up salt and distribute material evenly around corners.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

The Chapin 8500B Stainless Steel Rock Salt Drop Spreader addresses one of the main problems with spreading salt on icy walkways—moisture buildup which causes material to clump. A spreader that breaks through blocks of salt reduces waste of material, saves time, and allows the material to be distributed evenly. The large 200 lb. capacity of the hopper minimizes the need for frequent refilling, and the stainless steel components will resist corrosion through many winters.

Chapin International Inc.
Contact: 700 Ellicott St.
Batavia, NY 14021
Phone: 800-444-3140
E-mail: info@chapinmfg.com
Web: www.chapinmfg.com


Duro-Last, Inc.

Custom-fabricated PVC Roofing SystemsFacility Management Solutions 2019 Duro-Last

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

With custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems, up to 85% of the seams can be completed in our factory controlled setting. This dramatically reduces the potential for leaks and allows for a faster and quieter installation with less maintenance and reliable roof performance for years to come. Additionally, Duro-Last’s prefabricated flashings and accessories address the critical transition areas of a roof penetrations and transitions. All of this offers superior protection for your facility and bottom line.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Facility managers are tasked with an increasing number of projects and limited resources to get these completed. Custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems provide unique roofing solutions that can help relieve the burden of these tasks with no disruptions to operations and superior long-term protection.

Duro-Last, Inc.
Contact: 525 W Morley Dr., Saginaw MI 48601
Phone: 800-248-0280
E-mail: information@duro-last.com
Web: www.duro-last.com


New Pig

Cleanup Kits For Leaks, Drips, And SpillsFacility Management Solutions 2019 New Pig

What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

We are introducing a line of single-use clean-up kits for a variety of applications. These are bagged kits that contain everything facilities need to address a single low-volume leak, drip, or spill. In 2019, we’ll have different versions to match up to the most likely spill types for each facility. For example: Lab & Chemical, Vehicle & Travel Sickness, Garage & Workshop, General Purpose, etc. These kits will be low-cost, easy to keep on hand solutions for facility management.

How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

New Pig has been providing absorbents, spill kits, and everything that addresses leaks, drips, and spills for 30-plus years. Our core customer group has traditionally been industrial facilities, and they often deal with high-volume spills that require bulk quantities of absorbents. More recently, we’ve expanded our reach into other commercial facilities like retail, grocery, healthcare, etc. They deal with smaller but more frequent spills, so a smaller kit format is perfectly suited for their needs.

New Pig
Contact: Dan Silver, VP of Product Development
1 Pork Avenue, Tipton, PA 16684
Phone: 814-684-0101
E-mail: daniels@newpig.com
Web: www.newpig.com


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