Facility Management SOLUTIONS for 2023

Products and services to upgrade facilities operations in the coming year.

By the Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2022 Issue

As facilities teams plan for the new year, facility management professionals are looking for unique and innovative solutions. SOLUTIONS 2023 highlights facility management products and services designed to improve facilities operations. Questions were posed by Facility Executive, and the resulting Q&A articles provide a look into how these SOLUTIONS 2023 products and services are designed to meet the needs of facility management.

FM Solutions 2023


Since 1992, the Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership has served facility management professionals as trusted commercial flooring solutionists supported by quality flooring manufacturers. The Starnet network covers the United States and Canada as 170 independent commercial interior contractors with nearly 400 locations. Starnet members serve commercial end users with a full portfolio of flooring products, qualified installation, furniture lift systems, access flooring, subfloor repair as well as continuous care of soft and hard surface flooring and fabrics. Starnet members ensure improved project outcomes, complete customer satisfaction, and reduced costs for the life of the interior space.

What is a notable product or service your organization will introduce to facility management professionals in 2023?

Starnet is deploying a flooring visualizer application in partnership with technology leader Roomvo. The revolutionary tool equips more than 2,000 Starnet sales and business development professionals with powerful technology that enables facility management professionals to communicate the positive impact of interior renovations to their stakeholders.

Facility managers and their internal clients can quickly align on the aesthetic value of a proposed interior change and establish budgets for those transformed spaces. Starnet members can accelerate the end user decision-making process for the facility manager, increase their stakeholder impact and streamline the budgeting and execution of the renovation.

FM Solutions 2023 Starnet

Why is this product being introduced at this time to the facility management market?

Facility managers continue to face some uncertainty around planning for the return to the office. Employees want their workspaces refreshed and clean when they return, and ideally that would include new flooring. Because it is likely that office configurations and populations will change as organizations return to the office, using visualization tools combined with expert guidance from Starnet interior contractors will dramatically increase successful outcomes.

How will the flooring visualizer help facility management leaders achieve their goals?

Using visualization, facility professionals can quickly simulate aesthetically transformed spaces to gain stakeholder commitment. Optimized for all devices, the application is useful in hybrid workplaces, adaptive reuse, tenant improvement, and building renovations. The Starnet visualizer supports the return-to-work strategy for every organization and makes associates feel included in the decisions to ensure the productivity, cleanliness, and safety of their workplace. Facility managers working with Starnet can take advantage of office furniture lift systems, access flooring, soft surface, resilient, and hard surface flooring solutions to completely transform occupied buildings and meet the updated needs of associates.

In a follow up interview, Mark Bischoff, President and CEO of Starnet, talks with Facility Executive about the flooring visualizer application and related facilities trends. Click below to listen.

Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership
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With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world’s leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. In North America, LEDVANCE LLC offers a wide range of LEDVANCE and SYLVANIA LED luminaires for various applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources. The SYLVANIA brand leadership is a result of over 100 years of lighting experience and paves the way for future success.

What is a notable product or service your organization will introduce to facility management professionals in 2023?

LEDVANCE has launched LEDVANCE LINK, a contractor-friendly, wireless connected lighting solution that is simple, flexible, and cost-effective with easy-to-deploy LEDVANCE LINK Bluetooth Mesh technology. This makes networked lighting control quick and easy which helps save labor, materials, and time. For new installations, there are network-ready, connected luminaires. For retrofits, there are field installable, plug & play controllers, sensors, and accessories for a wide range of popular, compatible luminaires. The system is provisioned through an intuitive and simple LEDVANCE LINK smartphone app and can be controlled by either the app or wireless wall switches.

How is the offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

LEDVANCE LINK is well suited for facility managers who are looking for improved energy savings, greater operating efficiency, and enhanced occupant comfort. Using a few key components, you can tailor a lighting control solution to your needs. LINK easily offers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions without the hassle and expense of additional wiring or complicated gateways and is flexible and scalable. From a single office to an entire floor, you can start small or large and add as needed. As spaces change, LINK can easily change with them.

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