New Product Flash: HOBO Plug Load Logger from Onset

Onset, designer and manufacturer of HOBO data loggers, has introduced its HOBO Plug Load Logger. The device measures and records the power and energy consumption of 120V plug loads from office equipment, vending machines, and other devices.logo-new-product-flash-icon

As plug load analysis has become a more integral part of identifying savings opportunities in office spaces, facility professionals responsible for reducing energy use can find these loggers useful to gather accurate, reliable data on the energy being consumed by office equipment, vending machines, and other like devices.

The HOBO Plug Load Logger provides 0.5% measurement accuracy with a measurement resolution of one watt, making it an attractive choice for facility audits where detailed energy use data is required. The logger can measure up to six parameters: True RMS Voltage, True RMS Current, Watts, Watt-hours/Kilowatt-hours, Apparent Power, and Power Factor. These multiple parameters provide a comprehensive plug load profile.

HOBOplugloadThe HOBO Plug Load Logger helps to streamline energy auditing applications. It features an easy-to-view LCD that visually confirms operation and battery status, and displays real-time plug load variables without having to connect the logger to a computer to view information. The logger is capable of storing 1.9 million measurements, enabling faster logger intervals for more comprehensive plug load profiles, as well as longer deployment periods between offloads. The “Meter Mode” allows users to quickly get a read on the current energy use of a particular area with no software setup; this can be useful for walk-through audits or to identify which equipment is the best candidate for longer-term monitoring.

Once load data has been recorded with the HOBO Plug Load Logger, it can be viewed in graph form and analyzed using Onset’s HOBOware graphing and analysis software for Windows and Mac.

For more about managing plug loads, read “The Power Of Plugs” from the September 2013 issue of TFM.