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Move over, Segway. Here’s the latest in furniture/transportation innovation. How much would your facilities staff love one of these to get around campus?
Move over, Segway. Here’s the latest in furniture/transportation innovation. How much would your facilities staff love one of these to get around campus?


Friday Funny

Latest: Weird Wednesday: An Unofficial NeoCon Preview from La-Z-Boy - Move over, Segway. Here’s the latest in furniture/transportation innovation. How much would your facilities staff love one of these to get around campus?

Weird Wednesday: An Unofficial NeoCon Preview from La-Z-Boy

Move over, Segway. Here’s the latest in furniture/transportation innovation. How much would your facilities staff love one of these to get around campus?


These three offerings illustrate just how much fun can be had at work. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!


The backlash proved too much to go ahead with opening this facility.


Perhaps these cats demonstrating the six phases of work can actually be found at a call center in some far off land....


Firefighters had to evacuate a building in downtown San Jose on Tuesday (5/12/09), after the noxious fumes prompted someone to call 911. A hazmat team was also called in.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Probably Not A First Date Place

A restaurant in the Ukraine provides an unusual ambiance for its patrons.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Suicidal Lunch

Let's cap off this week with a dumb blonde GUY joke! Why not? It's the Friday Funny, after all.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: What’s That Smell?

Whatever it is, an odor eliminator inventor claims his product can rid you of it.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Incredible Edibles!

CANstruction allows local architects, engineers, and construction companies to create incredible structures using canned goods while using their design skills to fight hunger in Chicago.

Crate Ideas! | Attractive Applications For Repurposed Egg Crates

Federico Otero has created a clever, attractive application for repurposed egg crates.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Some More Funny Facilities

Here are some more of the most crazy, crooked buildings from around the world. Not so sure about the cats and mice, but one can only venture to guess what it would be like to live and work on one of these buildings.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Signage Spelling Scandal!

What's the good of being photographed next to a sign with spelling mistakes?

FRIDAY FUNNY: Workplace Safety…FAIL

These videos are purely for entertainment purposes; they are not meant to offend. Those of us at FacilityBlog take the issue of workplace safety very seriously.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Am I Annoying You Yet?

Who is the most annoying person in your office? Or is you (heaven forbid)?


The new headquarters for Mayr-Melnhof, an Austrian wood processing company, appears to float in the Styrian landscape.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Extreme Demolitions

Some of these explosions/implosions are spectacular illustrations of how facility managers feel when frustrated by their buildings.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Cave Foreclosure Averted

A family in Festus, MO facing foreclosure on its cave home recently found a way to keep it. In February, Curt and Deborah Sleeper had plans to auction their 17,000-square-foot home (built inside a former limestone and sandstone cave) on eBay with an opening bid of $300,000. But, early this month, the founder/owner of Logical Source, Inc., a New Jersey-based document management company, made the couple an offer that will allow them to stay in their cave.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Murphy’s Lesser Known Laws

Typically, facility managers appreciate the classic Murphy's Laws (which go back as far as 1841, according to Wikipedia, but were formalized in 1877 at a meeting of an engineering society). This week, we have Peter SJF Bance to thank (again) for these lesser known laws from Murphy.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Maine Coffee Shop Tries Stripped Down Marketing Tactic

Less is more, at least for one innovative coffee shop in the small town of Vassalboro, ME. Owner Donald Crabtree has found a way to bolster business and bring in the customers (and job applicants) during this tough economic spike: topless servers.

FRIDAY FUNNY: The Employee Happiness Kit

With jobless rates topping 8% around the country, employers are scrambling to find options to pacify staff members left to do the work left behind. Here is a low cost option for facility managers to consider.

Friday Funny: Decoding Cyberjargon

In order to help keep its visitors up with the times, FacilityBlog brings you this glossary of terms that apply to today's techno-times.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Improve Morale Through Cleaner Workplace Banter

Three of the most critical factors that affect morale are lighting, temperature, and noise. And improved morale can lead to higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Find out how you improve morale in your workplace with these few free suggestions.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Monty Python’s Architect Sketch

Facility managers should be suspicious of an RFP that includes rotating knives or a mock up with a questionable central pillar system.

Friday Funny: Storied Disneyland

The magic of Disney has been experienced by millions of people around the world over the past several decades.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Paging Dr. Hello Kitty!

Visitors view newborns in the Hello Kitty-designed maternity ward, at the Hau Sheng hospital. (AP Photo Credit/Wally Santana) Back in 2006, Hau Sheng Hospital in...

FRIDAY FUNNY: Workshop Tools for “Dirty Jobs”

In the spirit of "Dirty Jobs," this Friday Funny is dedicated to all of those skilled workers who follow the mantra: I'm dirty, and I'm proud.


Sometimes, when you're trying to make something better, you actually make it worse. Here are two brief video clips that are textbook examples of demolitions gone wrong. (There are many of these gems online, for those of you who might be interested.)

FRIDAY FUNNY: Makeover Transforms NYC Bureau from “DMV Dull” to “LUV Lovely”

Second only to Las Vegas as a nuptial destination, the Big Apple is hoping to lure away romantics with the $12 million makeover of its Marriage Bureau.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Seasonal Jokes to Share at the Office Holiday Party

Today's Friday Funny just so happens to coincide with the holiday party for those of us who produce FacilityBlog. And in honor of the occasion, here are some "jokes" that should produce at least a groan among co-workers (and they're all clean, too)!

Weird Wednesday: Climate Controlled Sand

Forget the flip flops. Just cool the sand. That's what the developers of Palazzo Versace Hotel and Condominiums in Dubai are planning to offer.

Friday Funny: The Collective Christmas Tree for the Hyperactive Office

FacilityBlog disclaimer: Do not try this creative holiday decoration technique in your facility. This post is purely for amusement purposes.

Weird Wednesday: Smelly Visitors A Thing Of The Past!

Another group besides tourists will appreciate the new climate controlled Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Restrooms Back In Times Square For The Holidays

For the third year, Charmin has placed 20 deluxe stalls in the heart of this tourist area to make it a little easier for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Black Friday Countdown

The holiday shopping season will kick into gear in just one week, but with such a gloomy economic picture looming, many people are wondering...


For astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, gravity got the better of her and her tool bag during yesterday's maintenance mission in space.

FRIDAY FUNNY: New Office Policy As A Result Of The Credit Crunch

This offering is a tongue in cheek look at the drastic measures that could be put into place by the most desperate employer.

Weird Wednesday: Fire Protection… “Do You Smell Wasabi?”

Japanese firm SEEMS Inc. has developed the "Wasabi Fire Alarm".


Move over, dancing fountains of the Bellagio, there's another water wonder in the world.


Many people don't feel particularly funny these days, which is one of the reasons the FacilityBlog Friday Funny tries so hard (sometimes too hard)...

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