FacilityFit For Healthcare By Aramark

Hospital technology available to manage functions such as room cleaning, heating and cooling maintenance, and patient transportation, typically operates on different systems that do not interface with one another. To streamline healthcare facilities service management, Aramark, provider in food, facilities management, and uniforms, has integrated multiple systems into a new web-based platform called FacilityFit™.healthcare facilities

FacilityFit works through mobile devices, traditional work stations, or call center environments that link facility associates to the system. The platform can be customized for activities including:

  • Asset and Work Order Management. Enables users to schedule maintenance for assets such as boilers, chillers, generators, lighting, and other equipment critical to facility operation. This function tracks repair history as well as equipment use and age data to assist with replacement planning. It also enables response to address repair needs for structural issues like water leaks or unsafe flooring.
  • Space Care Management. Incorporates variables such as cleanable square feet and inpatient and outpatient volume to create cleaning tasks; and uses the data to develop accurate and equitable staffing models. It also deploys associates for specialized cleaning and maintenance and tracks task completion status and history.
  • Bed Management. Tracks patient discharge, provides automated requests to deploy associates for room cleaning, and provides notification when a room is ready for re-occupancy.
  • Central Transportation. Helps schedule patient transport, dispatch transport associates, and tracks timelines. This function also coordinates the transport of lab specimens and medical supplies to patient units.
  • Inspections/Quality Control. Capabilities include all facility related quality inspection categories. It randomly selects areas in the building for spot inspection, deploys inspection associates and tracks data for regulatory requirements.
  • Personnel Management. Tracks associate training requirements and completion status, inventories career management activities, tracks individual associate recognition history and enables users to create work schedules.

Across these functions, FacilityFit generates reports that offer hospital and healthcare facility managers a real-time operating dashboard to evaluate metrics such as: work completion rates, throughput efficiency, cleaning efficiency, response times, labor utilization, safety performance, work history, and financial efficiency.

Two versions of the technology are available: FacilityFit and FacilityFit Pro. Hospitals and health systems that are not Aramark managed service clients can purchase the standard suite of FacilityFit products and features as a standalone product for use by its self-managed staff.

FacilityFit Pro is an extended suite of products and features that is available as a component of Aramark managed service contracts. All of Aramark’s existing facility service clients will transition to FacilityFit Pro, and all new managed service clients will get it as part of Aramark’s standard operating suite.

Victor Crawford, Aramark’s Healthcare Chief Operating Officer, states, “FacilityFit™ is essentially a ‘nerve center’ that provides the technical infrastructure and data to increase the transparency, productivity and control of hospital facility service. The system is a powerful tool that can drive patient satisfaction outcomes, pinpoint capital planning needs and help standardize facility service delivery by comparing performance at different locations.”