Facility Executive: February 2023 Issue

The February 2023 issue focuses on the future of facilities, preventing cyber threats, optimizing office space, pest control, and more.

Facility Executive February 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 1)

Editor’s Letter: Celebrating Success

Jennifer GoetzAll facility management professionals have to consider options to enhance their buildings and spaces. This is easier said than done—if you have a process that has worked for you so far, embracing change isn’t always easy. But, with technological advancements and a heightened awareness of the built environment’s impact on the health of people and the planet, slowly but surely, all buildings will have to evolve.

A major responsibility for facility executives is to spearhead new projects for their buildings. For facility management professionals in every industry, from healthcare to hospitality, major decisions must be made throughout a building’s lifecycle—whether to retrofit and renovate spaces, to move to a new building, or to construct something completely new. Facility executives will have to ensure designs are compliant with state and local regulations, manage costs in a time of high inflation, and communicate effectively with all project partners.

In this issue, Facility Executive highlights five successful building projects in five key focus areas—Manufacturing and Commercial Headquarters, Educational Facilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Business and Professional Services—to highlight how teams have creatively enhanced their spaces for building occupants and tenants.

In addition, this issue explores the role managers play in conflict management and resolution; offers strategies on how to optimize office spaces in 2023; shares insight into how to prevent cyber threats from impacting your buildings systems; and more.

Here at Facility Executive, we would love to hear your success story, and to celebrate the difference these projects make for the built environment overall.

Jennifer Goetz




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February 2023 Issue: Contents

February 2023 Issue
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Tech And FM: How To Prevent The Three Most Common Cyber Threats To Building Systems | Botnets, cryptojacking, and backdoors create major cybersecurity risks for FMs.

The HVAC Factor: Choosing The Right HVAC Contractors | Facilities managers need providers that have the experience and knowledge to provide heating and cooling solutions.

To Repair Or Replace | Many water heating equipment breakdowns can be prevented with routine maintenance.

A Spotlight On 5 Successful Building Projects | These construction and renovation projects showcase how facility executives in various industries are improving their buildings.

Budgeting For Building Enclosure Upgrades | Facility managers have to carefully prioritize which repairs to focus on first.

3 Ways To Optimize Office Spaces | Facility managers can create office environments that enhance wellness, comfort, and sustainability. Plus, Observing Office Trends.

Navigating Conflict: What Managers Can Do | Managers often play a key role in how conflict is resolved.

4 Common Pests Impacting Facilities In 2023 | Owners and facility managers can use these insights to help keep commercial facilities pest-free.

A2L Refrigerant Leak Detection | How emerging mildly flammable refrigerants are dictating the need for improved leak detection strategies.

Digital Twins And Facility Maintenance | Digital twins can significantly improve predictive facility maintenance in 2023.

How Can We Stop Designing For Disposal? | The construction industry needs to see a strong link between the conservation of resources and cost savings.

Dealing With Documents | Facility executives can prevent legal issues by outsourcing record storage and document shredding.

Focus On: Facility Maintenance Equipment | Lighting Fixtures | Ceilings & Walls

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