Feevr Non-Contact Thermal Imaging

X.Labs’ temperature scanning device uses thermal imaging and AI to scan for individuals with a fever

Feevr from X.Labs, a California company focused on creating visitor screening technologies that enhance public health, safety, and security, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based, non-contact thermal imaging technology. It detects individuals in a crowd with an elevated skin temperature from a distance (recommended range is 6′ to 10′), preventing the chances of cross infection of an infectious disease. Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), a gunshot detection solutions provider, will be the premier distributor of the product.non-contact thermal imaging

“SDS is known as experts in gunshot detection technology, but at our core we are problem solvers in the business continuity space,” said Christian Connors, CEO of SDS. “We decided to expand our offerings and partner with X.Labs to bring our current and future customers a reliable, affordable, and efficient product in order to help them keep their operations running smoothly as they screen for elevated temperatures.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and public safety organizations are implementing temperature screening policies as they prepare for the re-opening of workplace and public buildings that have been ordered to close in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Forehead thermometers have been traditionally used for this practice, however the close contact required to administer this method puts screeners at risk and perpetuates the possibility of cross-contamination.

non-contact thermal imagingFeevr is a handheld or tripod-mounted system for quickly screening and detecting individuals with an elevated temperature. Utilizing a thermal imaging camera and the AI based mobile app, the solution automatically alerts when a scanned person’s temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, allowing for immediate intervention. Object temperature range is -4°F to 248°F and thermal sensitivity is 70 mK.

This non-contact thermal imaging system is designed for minimal, but effective signaling, alerting the operational personnel when in need to react.

“We are excited about this partnership and see the value in SDS as not only a distribution partner, but because of their excellent reputation in the security industry,” said Barry Oberholzer, Founder of X.Labs. “Customers in all verticals are looking for an uncomplicated and cost-effective fever screening solution and we have a product that is being delivered today that SDS can help us bring to businesses, schools, and public venues as they adjust to the ‘new normal’, which is adding health screening to their safety and security planning for the long term.”

“We value our customers and chose the Feevr product because we don’t want them to have to resort to using expensive, invasive, or risky techniques to keep people safe,” says Connors. “X.Labs shares SDS’ passion for product excellence and we look forward to expanding our relationship with Barry and his team.”