Festool CT SYS Portable Dust Extractor

Lightweight and compact dust extractor in a Systainer format for maximum mobility

The CT SYS is a portable and compact HEPA dust extractor and a new addition to Festool’s CleanTec™ (CT) family. It provides mobility and flexibility and is approved for dust class L for smaller-scale grinding, sawing, and drilling jobs.

dust extractorDust control can save time, increase efficiency, and improve work. Whether in the shop or on a jobsite, a good dust extraction system should start removing dust at the source, where it is being created. Clean air and fast cleanup are two important factors. Good dust extraction extends the life of tools by reducing dust-induced tool fatigue, improves accuracy by offering a clearer view of cut lines, and improves finishing results by helping to reduce swirl marks that occur during sanding operations.

Festool-CT-SYS-2A dust extractor should be able to eliminate the majority of the dust created at the source before it is ever released into the environment. Dust extractors with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, paired in-line or on-board are capable of capturing 99.99% of all particulates down to .3 microns.

The CT SYS dust extractor features full unit HEPA certification, tool-triggered operation, and high-performance suction. The top of Festool CT units are
flat and store CT accessories in integrated Systainers, or serve as a place to rest tools or materials while working.

Festool Systainers offer a rugged, flexible, and convenient means of storing, carrying, and combining tools and accessories. Designed to seamlessly connect to one another and to CT Dust Extractors, the Systainer System makes it possible to configure mobile, job-specific kits. All Systainers are made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for long service-life and share an identical footprint for easy stacking, storing, and transport. Their centrally positioned, oversized handles make it easy to carry heavy loads.

dust extractorThe CT SYS includes one anti-static hose and hose holder, one HEPA filter, one disposable filter bag, an upholstery nozzle (D 36 PD), a crevice nozzle (D 36 FD-150), a SYS-CT shoulder strap, and a Sys-Dock with T-LOC function. The anti-static hose measures 1-1/16″ x 9.8′ and has an angle rotating adapter on the extractor side.

The CT SYS measures 15-9/16″ D x 11-5/8″ W x 10-5/8″ H and weighs 15.2 pounds. It can be transported using the handle or configurable shoulder strap and features a 1,000 watt turbine (8.3 amps, 120V AC) for a maximum suction of 106 CFM (3,000 l/min); an 80″ (20,000 Pa) static water lift (maximum vacuum); and a noise level of 67 dBA. Power cord length is 16.4′.