Field-Adjustable Flat Panel Retrofit Kits

Espen Technology helps facilities upgrade fluorescent troffers to the latest LED technology

Espen Technology recently launched a new family of field-adjustable flat panel retrofit kits, for upgrading fluorescent troffers to the latest LED technology. The new three-output selectable flat panel kits are part of the versaKIT family of LED retrofit kits, that also include switchable center-basket troffer kits and switchable commercial downlight kits.flat panel retrofit kits

The new switchable output flat panel kits are offered in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs, as well as 2×2 and 2×4 sizes. Each flat panel retrofit kit has a three-position dip switch that enables installers to select a wattage and light output for the kit, at the time of installation: 1800 lumens, 2200 lumens, or 2500 lumens for the 2×2 kit, and 3300 lumens, 3600 lumens, or 4200 lumens for the 2×4 kit. Efficacy is 100lm/W.

According to John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen, “The new three-output flat panel retrofit kits can reduce inventory stocking requirements for both electrical distributors and contractors.” Clancy added, “Retrofitting the existing troffer housing with Espen’s pre-assembled kit takes only a minute to install, saving labor costs, and the entire retrofit is done from below the ceiling.”

The new flat panel retrofit kits have an advanced low-profile, edge-lit design. The kit provides all the components needed to perform the change out quickly and efficiently, enabling system upgrades without disturbing the ceiling. It is one of the LED troffer retrofits that comes completely assembled as a lensed kit; the LED kits are completely assembled within their frame.

Additional features include a 0V to 10V dimming driver, DLC listing, UL listing, and a five year warranty. Suitable applications include office, retail, healthcare, education, and hospitality interiors. The 2×2 models include VEKT-P2X2/830, VEKT-P2X2/835, VEKT-P2X2/840, and VEKT-P2X2/850. The 2×4 models include VEKT-P2X4/830, VEKT-P2X4/835, VEKT-P2X4/840, and VEKT-P2X4/850.