Fil Doux Textiles’ Vinylife Biodegradable PVC

Eco Friendly PVC Vinyl with Inherent Stain Protectant

Vinylife™ from Fil Doux Textiles is an enhanced biodegradable PVC now available with Pro-Tech, the company’s proprietary ink and stain protectant. The product brings a new end-of-life story to vinyl textiles through an inventive production process that enhances biodegradability at the end of its useful life. This vinyl upholstery represents the best of Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) combined with environmental ethics and aesthetics.Biodegradable PVC

The durability and easy maintenance of PVC—a plastic that contains phthalates and does not decompose naturally—has made it the preferred vinyl material for hospitality, contract, and healthcare use. Until now, these markets lacked environmentally conscious PVC.

Vinylife uses special technology to make luxury vinyl textiles with sustainable PVC. During the Vinylife production phase, patented enzymes are incorporated into the PVC. When Vinylife ends up in a landfill, the oxygen-lacking environment acts as a catalyst for the technology and expands the vinyl surface. This allows microbes to begin eating the material, breaking it down until it has decomposed completely in 15 to 30 years. These enzymes allow the anaerobic decomposition process to begin only when the material is in a biologically active landfill (an environment lacking oxygen). Microorganisms found in these active landfills are attracted to the enzymes in Vinylife, which triggers consumption of the PVC until it has broken down altogether.

“We’re so excited about this revolutionary new product,” says Fil Doux Textiles President Leonardo Novik. “Vinylife is a huge step forward for the marketplace. We now have access to the properties of vinyl, with a significantly improved sustainability story, which speaks to our goal of providing products that are beautiful and environmentally aware.”

Biodegradable PVCVinylife features the same strength and durability as traditional vinyl, is phthalate free, and has an abrasion rating that exceeds 200,000 double rubs. In addition, microscopic pores make this vinyl breathable, allowing for temperature control and a soft hand. The product surface is 100% Vinylife and the backing is 100% post-industrial recycled polyester. Vinylife measures 54″ wide with a NFPA 260 flammability rating.

Pro-Tech, the scientifically developed ink/stain/denim protectant is applied to Vinylife during the production process. This allows for mill direct pricing, quality control, and a three to five week lead time.

Vinylife achieved its enhanced status for biodegradability through the ASTM D5511 test method. This biodegradable PVC is offered in more than 270 colors and textures (e.g., Matta Amaranth, Splendor Luxe Lilac, Crocodile Amaranth, Reptile Gold, Stingray Russian Cherry) with durability that makes it suitable for hotels and commercial and government projects.

PRESTIGE is the first Vinylife collection to be introduced. It offers bold color and 34 designs ranging from linen looks to animal-inspired textures.