Fire Detection & Suppression Product Focus

From portable fire extinguishers to fire detection and alarm systems, consider this assortment of products to keep your facility and its occupants safe.

Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2023 Issue

From portable fire extinguishers to fire detection and alarm systems, these fire suppression and fire detection products will help keep your facility and its occupants safe.


Fire Detection ProductsCLEANGUARD+ Fire Extinguishers
By Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls’ portable fire extinguisher CLEANGUARD+ uses the electrically nonconductive FK-5-1-12 agent and is an eco-friendly commercial clean agent fire extinguisher option. It features zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), a global warming potential (GWP) of less than one, and a one-week atmospheric lifetime.

The extinguisher is suitable for use in commercial and industrial facilities that contain critical equipment. Its FK-5-1-12 agent is residue-free, corrosion-resistant, and requires no clean-up after discharge, helping minimize collateral damages after operational downtime. The FK-5-1-12 agent allows CLEANGUARD+ to be used in much smaller spaces than traditional, clean agent extinguishers, making it safe for use in spaces as small as 40 cubic feet. An optional MR Conditional model contains stainless steel components and is rated up to 7 teslas.

It is UL-ULC listed, is compliant with the NFPA 10 standard, United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved, and manufactured in the United States.

Fire Detection ProductsMorley-IAS Max
By Honeywell

Honeywell’s Morley-IAS Max is a fire detection and alarm system that utilizes controller area network (CAN-Bus) technology. Originally designed for operation in industrial environments, CAN-Bus makes the system highly resistant to external factors such as electrical disturbances and other sources of false alarms.

The interface is designed to be intuitive and user friendly with a 7-inch touch display (800×480 with backlight) and 256 colors for entering the control panel programming data and interacting with the operators. Each control panel can be networked because of two high-speed, opto-isolated, CAN-Bus lines connecting a fail-safe closed loop network. With components distributed throughout the building, up to 64 panels or 128 loops can be networked together to build a unified system with built-in CANBus network diagnostics. Morley-IAS Max panels also offer multiple installation options in addition to standard wall mounting. The system is certified in compliance with the standards EN 54-2, EN 54-4, EN 54-13.

Fire Detection Products

NoahX 2.0
By Sunwoda Energy

Sunwoda’s NoahX 2.0 is a high-capacity liquid cooling energy storage system. The product is built around Sunwoda’s 314Ah battery cell, and through its integration of the liquid cooling CTP 2.0 grouping technology, the system achieves capacities of 4.17MWh/5MWh in a 20 ft. container, a 52% increase in system energy compared to its predecessor. The cell adopts an ‘LFP + Graphite’ system and an olivine crystal structure, with a double insulation design that remains effective even when immersed in seawater. Its fire suppression system at the PACK level prevents thermal runaway and its BMS algorithm can proactively identify sudden internal short circuits. The system incorporates a combustible gas emission and explosion venting safety design, enabling the system to achieve an IP54 protection level rating.

The NoahX 2.0 also features a management and control system for intelligent monitoring, managing, and optimization of the energy storage system, as well as allowing cluster-level management to avoid circulation and achieve active balancing.

Sparx Smart Sprinkler System By Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.Sparx Smart Sprinkler System
By Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc., developed the Sparx Smart Sprinkler System to leverage software and electronics to suppress highly challenging fires. The multi-sensing system features gas, flame, smoke, and digital temperature sensors and incorporates these electronic sensors with wireless mesh networking technology that fits around existing sprinkler heads.

While traditional fire sprinkler systems rely on a fixed-temperature threshold to operate, the Sparx Smart Sprinkler System’s multiple sensors specifications allow it to detect fires quickly and with real-time feedback and communication between the sprinklers, enabling them to detect the most intense part of a fire and suppress it to prevent fire spread.

The Sparx system’s algorithmically controlled sprinkler operations have the potential to fill industry gaps involving the storage of high-hazard commodities, storage in buildings with tall ceilings and high clear heights, dense storage like compact automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), and buildings with unique architectures.

Thermo Shield TR Sleeve By PACTThermo Shield TR Sleeve

PACT’s Thermo Shield TR Sleeve is a lithium-ion fire suppressant packaging. It is specially-coated and designed to prevent thermal runaway, a dangerous and complex battery fire to extinguish. The Thermo Shield TR Sleeve was designed in response to suppress and prevent thermal runaway events which have resulted in numerous fires, injuries, and loss of life.

The product was tested extensively for efficiency and success rate. Tests conducted on the suppressant paper include a punctured battery within a battery pack of (96) 18650 batteries charged to 100% wrapped in the packaging and in a sealed metal container. The cell exploded and blew the lid off the container instantly, but no other batteries went into thermal runaway, thus preventing propagation from cell to cell, regardless of their size. PACT’s battery design solution was shown to prevent cell to cell propagation and fire spread resulting in safer battery packs such as those used in plug in EVs.


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