Fire Systems And Equipment Product Focus

This assortment of fire systems and equipment will help you protect your facility and its occupants in the event of a fire emergency.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the April 2023 Issue

Consider this assortment of fire systems and equipment to keep your facility and its occupants safe in the event of a fire.

by Honeywell


Honeywell’s NOTIFIER INSPIRE is the first fire alarm system with UL-approved self-testing smoke detectors that can be tested automatically, changing the way fire and life safety systems are installed, tested, and maintained. The NOTIFIER INSPIRE fire alarm system with self-test detectors is designed to help create a safer building environment by increasing facility managers’ awareness of system needs while equipping service providers with digital self-testing tools that streamline maintenance and support regulatory compliance and system uptime.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE is a fire system that delivers reliable protection, scalability, efficient monitoring, as well as flexible and timely reporting. It helps enhance fire technician efficiency as it is designed to scale based on the buildings’ needs, minimizes the need for equipment changes, and provides secure connectivity.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE series with self-test smoke detectors are securely enabled through Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) cloud-based platform. CLSS provides real-time visibility into the fire system to installers, service technicians, and facility managers, and allows technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot problems ahead of time.

Thermoformed Panels
by Ceilume

Thermoformed Panels by Ceilume


Ceilume acoustic ceiling panels are a solution to many design challenges. They are thermoformed from thin, rigid plastic to provide durability, sustainability, and acoustic protection, as well as offering an approach that can significantly reduce the cost of complying with fire codes. Available in 49 different styles and 16 colors and faux finishes to suit any taste at an affordable price.

Ceilume panels reduce the expense of fire safety by allowing sprinklers to be installed entirely above the ceiling grid. This design, known as a certified drop-out ceiling, eliminates the need for renovations to bring sprinkler heads down through the ceiling, reducing construction time, and costs to comply with fire codes. When exposed to extreme heat from an uncontrolled fire, thermoformed panels soften and “drop out” of ceiling grids, allowing overhead sprinklers to engage. A drop-out ceiling also avoids visual clutter and maintains a separation between the inhabited space and above-ceiling systems, thus improving indoor air quality.

Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 Fire System Antifreeze
by Oatley

Fire System Antifreeze


Oatley’s Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 Fire System Antifreeze is a commercial fire safety product. Designed to be used in wet fire sprinkler systems, Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 is formulated to be used in place of water and other sprinkler system fluids in any environment where the potential for freezing conditions exists. The Hercules products are built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 Fire System Antifreeze is approved for use with CPVC and metal sprinkler systems, and complies with NFPA Requirements for Wet Fire Suppression. Made of a pre-mixed blend of glycerin and water, Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 Fire System Antifreeze also has burst protection to -50°F. Hercules Cryo-Tek GL48 Fire System Antifreeze is available in two variations of weights: 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon.

Fireguard Slim Door
by Won-Door

Fire Systems And Equipment


Won-Door’s FireGuard Slim Door model is a cost-effective, fire-rated, accordion-style door designed to eliminate the need for traditional swing doors. The FireGuard Slim Door is ideal for enhancing the design appeal and traffic flow of narrow corridors and small opening applications.

The Slim Door allows architects to create open and inviting buildings while offering trouble-free operation. It virtually eliminates maintenance costs because there is no exposed hardware. Plus, it is easier to install and service than less-functional swing doors, saving time and money.

The Slim Door is the ideal solution for narrow corridor applications. With up to a 90-minute fire rating, the door deploys automatically in seconds when an emergency arises for optimal protection. This allows full visibility of hallways and utilization of the full corridor width with unobstructed traffic 24/7. Specifier’s options are up to 9’ wide and either 7’ or 8’ tall.