FireKing D8 Series Dispensing Drop Safe

Secure Dispensing Units for Cash Handling

The D8 Series dispensing drop safe from FireKing® Security Group is an NKL safe that allows employees to make deposits and get change quickly and easily—while documenting every transaction. With built-in CPUs and control panels, these standalone or networkable units can also generate a wealth of sophisticated management reports and provide access control with a number of anti-theft and time saving features.

fireking-d8-series-d8cWith the D8 Series line users can dispense currency and secure cash drops with confidence and visibility. It provides rolled coin and bill dispensing via plastic tubes (buy/escrow change and keep safe door closed); a drop drawer (direct deposit to secure inner compartment); time delay, time lock, and duress alarm (robbery and theft deterrents); and 24/7/365 live technical support (service when needed). The dispensing assembly holds up to 80 tubes (eight columns hold up to 10 tubes each) and a tube-lock prevents unauthorized tube loading or fishing.

Users log in with their identifier (electronic key or user number) and request to vend using the quick-action buttons and numeric keypad. The four-line fluorescent display makes 
it possible for the operator to see on-screen instructions and efficiently use the safe’s dispensing capabilities. The keypad also allows quick access to other advanced features such as printing reports, programming users, or configuration parameters. Each unit comes with a printer, manual drop drawer, tube lock key, 80 tubes, and a dipstick.

drop safeManagement controls who has access to the safe and when they can use it. The D8 Series allows for up to 100 users and each can be configured for multiple levels 
of authority. A 20,000-line audit trail of transactions support accountability audits.

The D8 Series has a B-rated safe body; 3/8″ solid steel doors (sledge hammer and pry bar resistant); a formed, full-welded 3⁄16″ body; interior floor holes to secure bolt down; three-point low-profile NKL bolt-work hardware; and adjustable, ball bearing hinges for easier opening/closing of the door. It features Medeco key switches for normal and
 armor car door access; an optional locking inner compartment; and an automatic locking detent mechanism (throws closed the bolts to the safe as the safe door is closed) and burglary resistant lock.

The D8C can control up to 15 remote units. The D8X is a standalone unit with basic dispensing capabilities and is built to the same exacting standards as the D8C model. Each D8 Series dispensing drop safe weighs 420 pounds with exterior dimensions that measure 32″H x 21.5″W x 19″D.


  1. How much is a simple cash dispensing safe with paper trail audit.. I do not need bill validation just for employees to get cash out of and have audit to see who got money out

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