Five Safety Tips For Your Facility’s Construction Project

If there’s a construction project going on at your facility, it’s wise to make sure workers are protected from injury while they’re on the job. After all, a construction project is only as successful as its workers are safe. And, according to OSHA, one in five work-related deaths in the United States in 2014 occurred in the construction industry.

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With that in mind, and in honor of the National Safety Council designating June as National Safety Month, Hickory Construction has compiled a list of five safety tips. Following these and other safety protocols will help improve productivity and reduce injuries, according to Hickory Chairman Burke Pinnell.

  1. Strong leadership sets the tone. Safety standards are vital, but they are meaningless if company and project leaders aren’t committed to upholding them. Careful adherence to safety policy starts at the top. “As an employer, one of our most important roles is setting policies and procedures to help ensure that employees understand the importance of safety on the job site,” said Pinnell.
  2. Training and tracking may be time-intensive, but they’re worth the investment. It takes time and energy to train employees on safety protocol, but Hickory says it’s time well spent, particularly since 60 percent of construction workplace injuries occur in the builder’s first year of employment, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers can work toward the goal of achieving high safety standards by requiring that all employees undergo drug-free workplace protocol, engage in weekly “tool box talks” on safety-related activities, take CPR training, and receive thorough equipment training. In addition, it is important to track safety results in order to reward success and refine future practices.
  3. Proper form decreases the likelihood of injury. It may sound basic, but construction workers cannot afford to underestimate the importance of following basic best practices when performing key building tasks.
    “Simple steps like properly lifting heavy items and using ergonomically correct tools can make a big difference in keeping workers safe,” said Pinnell.
    OSHA reports that one in 10 construction workers is injured on the job in each year, and many incidents result from a failure to adhere to well-known safety benchmarks.
  4. Good housekeeping makes for good working conditions. Keeping a work site clean and organized can safeguard workers, too. Sweeping away spills, dust and dirt, keeping walkways clear, and moving equipment out of the way minimizes the risk of careless accidents. Falls are the greatest source of fatal project injuries and lead to a large number of nonfatal incidents as well, according to The Center for Construction Research and Training. Making sure scaffolding is sturdy and obstacles are cleared maximizes builders’ likelihood of staying on their feet and returning home safely.
  5. Personal protective equipment is a major tool for success. Helmets, gloves, eyewear and foot protection are vital shields in the fight against injury. Even when workers use their own personal protective equipment, employers are responsible for its adequacy, maintenance, and sanitation. Even the smallest precaution can help builders avoid significant negative consequences in the event of an accident.

Hickory Construction is an East Tennessee-based firm with more than 30 years of experience in commercial and residential building.


  1. Very good article. It is very helpful for those who works in construction site. It gives idea on what types of safety one should follow.

  2. I like how you said that training and tracking construction may be time-intensive, but they’re worth the investment. We are building a restaurant to open up this year. Thanks for the tips on facility construction safety.

  3. Good points in this article. It still amazes me how many people don’t really care about safety especially in a dangerous place like a construction zone.

  4. I am glad you said that using proper form decreases the likelihood of injury. My dad works for a construction company. Thank you for the tips on construction safety.

  5. It sure was nice when you said that safety rules mean nothing if the leaders are not committed to adhering to them, so it is best for the leaders to be the first ones to explain the importance and what needs to be done. That is especially true if what needs to be constructed is a power plant. Safety means a lot as it is not really the safest infrastructure to build with all its complexity. Hopefully, the contractors that we will hire understand this.

  6. I heard that my uncle is looking for construction tools because he plans to renovate his workshop area in his backyard. He wanted to buy his own tools because he thinks that it is best to invest on things rather than rent. I am worried that he might be using the tools wrong, so thanks a lot for the tips. My favorite part is when you said that he should also invest in proper protective gear to prevent injuries.

  7. You make a great point that keeping a work site clean and organized can safeguard workers too. It must be so important to keep both a site and the workers safe so that the project can get done without any severe issues. I wonder how project managers go about keeping the site organized and safe.

  8. My husband has been looking for some materials for their project. He mentioned about contacting a supplier because they would need a lot of items. They will be starting the project by the first week of May, and, as his wife, I want to make sure that he is safe for the whole duration of the project. I like that you said that the employers should provide the protective gear even if they each have their personal protective equipment already. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for pointing out that good housekeeping makes for good working conditions. I would like to do some construction on my property that will be an add-on to the rest of my home. When it comes to getting construction supplies and professionals to work with, I’ll be sure to make sure that everything is up to code and working order.

  10. I never knew how often accidents could happen, in that first year too! Thanks for the info, I’ll make sure to apply that. I think it is also important to add that, training should always be a regular part of the job. Things in every industry change over time. Staying on top of that change could mean the success of your business! You never know when you’re gonna be working on something total new to you.

  11. It is great to know that following the basic best practices is important when performing key building tasks so that the likelihood of injury is decreased. I am interested in learning more about construction, but I still don’t know what these best practices are. I’ll make sure to find a construction training course that is comprehensive for beginners like me so that I will significantly reduce the risk of getting injured or hurting others. Thanks for your tips!

  12. It sure got my attention when you said that when it comes to doing the construction tasks, it is important to follow even the most basic of practices as that will ensure that the possibility of injury is avoided. I do agree with that since accidents can happen when we least expect them. Now that we are planning to have a house built, I think it is a good idea to hire a construction safety expert to make sure everything will be fine. Thanks!

  13. Wow, it’s interesting that you talked about making sure you find a service that upholds that standards they say they keep. My neighbor is looking to hire a site development service so he can build a new home. I’ll be sure to talk to him about hiring a company who really will be committed to safety.

  14. Thanks for sharing this information. I really liked the section about good housekeeping. A clean and organized work area not only leads to more productivity, but most importantly it promotes the safety first environment.

  15. Even though proper form is a simple concept, it’s still one of the most important things to keep in mind when performing hard labor since it’s the cause of many injuries. Adding common sense to protective equipment will really help ensure your newer employees will stay out of trouble. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I really liked your post. Many thanks for sharing some helpful safety guidelines for construction industry.

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