Get A Stellar Outside View With These Five Windows & Skylights

Stylish and durable, these windows and skylights can be applied to all different kinds of structures.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2022 Issue

This assortment of stylish and durable windows and skylights can be applied to a wide variety of facilities.

Crystal Series 9200
by Crystal Window

The new Crystal Series 9200 from Crystal Window is a high-end aluminum polyamide thermal barrier window capable of meeting today’s energy, operating, and aesthetic demands. The Series 9200 is available in Tilt-and-Turn (dual action), In-Swing Casement, and Fixed/Picture window models and is well suited for all applications, especially mid-and high-rise buildings.

Crystal Window

The Crystal 9200 3-¼” jamb-depth architecturally-rated window line has a modern and clean, European-style frame and sash. The line features a zero-sightline sash design and concealed, heavy-duty hinges (up to 275-lb. weight capacity).

Energy efficiency features include insulated glass unit (IGU) infills of 1″ to 1-½”, and the sash’s triple EPDM gasketing combines with the polyamide struts to achieve U-values from 0.31 to 0.22 (with appropriate options). The standard IGU for all the Crystal Series 9200 models is 1” double-pane. Options include 1-¼” and 1-½” IGUs, as well as triple glass, argon gas filling, and a wide selection of low-emissivity coated glass choices.

The Series 9200 models are finished in Crystal’s durable and environmentally sustainable powder coat paint, with a broad palate of standard and custom colors. Liquid paint options are also available.

The line’s continuous master frame option allows models to be combined into large units offering expansive views. Special drywall receptor frames, full flex screens, extended lever handle, window opening limit devices, and a variety of traditional mullions and installation accessories are also available.

by Serge Ferrari Group

STFE is a new flexible composite membrane supporting expansive, light-filled interiors with ideal applications including malls, airports, botanical gardens, greenhouses, and stadiums. Made from lightweight polyarylate mesh, STFE is 10 times lighter than glass and provides structural strength for large, free-span designs, minimizing the need for additional supporting structure and steel cables.

As a building skin, STFE provides 50% light transmission, creating a glass-like effect with minimal glare and optimal daylighting performance. The flexible, long-lasting membrane achieves transparency levels rivaled only by glass or polycarbonate, and offers a range of versatile and creative solutions for transparent tensile architecture.

Serge Ferrari Group

STFE is finished with a transparent coating resulting in a lightweight and pliable material that is easy to shape, transparent, highly resistant to mechanical stress, and easy to use during both manufacturing and installation. STFE also meets the ASTM E84, NFPA 701, and CSFM T19 fire retardancy certifications.

Transira™ Prime Window Solutions
by WINCO Windows

Transira Prime Window Solutions encase a high-performance vertical shade within an insulated window, eliminating the possibility that allergens and airborne pathogens cling to the shade’s fabric and enhancing protection of the shade from handling. The window system can be locally controlled and simultaneously tied into the overall building management. This gives facility managers the ability to control visibility, light, and solar heat entering a room at the touch of the button.

WINCO Windows
Image: Vance Fox Photography

Transira can interface with a facility’s existing BMS to help conserve energy and save money by reducing or allowing heat transfer depending on the current cooling or heating load of the building. It can reduce energy bills because both the insulated window, glass coatings, and interior shades all contribute to reducing costs. Security is also improved because the shades can be quickly raised in case of a fire or lowered in case of an intruder. The windows are also engineered to prevent sound from entering a building.

Installation of Transira cuts down on multiple trades, multiple vendors, project complexity, and extended timelines. Only one vendor is needed to spec, design, and install Transira Prime Window Solutions. WINCO also offers Transira Accessory Sash Window Solutions when a full window replacement is not necessary.

Modular Rooflights

The prefabricated VELUX Modular Rooflights come with the option of integrated roller blinds which control heat and reduce glare. Options of single unit, row, and rounded flat glass provide architects with creative freedom, while also meeting building specifications.

Design options include short, wide, and vented made-to-measure modules, and there is no visual difference between fixed and venting modules in the closed position. They can be placed individually or create long rows of daylight on flat roofs and are ideal for corridors or annexes.

The latest product release has aluminum lining for a smoother interior finish which helps to provide uninterrupted skyline views. The new rooflight is ideal for refurbishment or new commercial building projects such as schools, offices, factories, and heritage buildings.The roller blinds are available in three colors and come with hidden motor control and a slim wire suspension that enhances the design aesthetic and can be retrofitted to an existing installation.

VELUX Modular Rooflights
Image: Velux

Gen 4 Smart Windows
by View, Inc.

With a sleek and durable design, View Gen 4 Smart Windows uses artificial intelligence to adjust automatically to control heat and glare without the need for blinds—
maximizing natural light and views of the outdoors.

Gen 4 Smart Windows
Image: View, Inc.

In a rigorous durability test, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) exposed View Gen 4 Smart Windows to high levels of radiation and elevated temperatures designed to simulate real-world conditions over the lifetime of the glass. After more than 50,000 cycles of testing, View Gen 4 Smart Windows showed zero degradation.

View Smart Windows have been shown to generate significant health benefits for building occupants. A recent study found that employees working in rooms with View Smart Windows slept 37 minutes longer each night, experienced half as many headaches, and were 14% more productive than those working in equivalent rooms with traditional windows and blinds. View Smart Windows also reduce energy consumption from lighting and HVAC by as much as 20%.