Fleet Management for Floor Care Machines

Floor Care Asset Management

The TASKI® IntelliTrail® from Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division is a full-service, intelligent fleet management system that allows facility managers to remotely monitor their floor care machines.

fleet managementIntelliTrail is part of Diversey Care’s expanding Internet of Clean™ platform, which includes a variety of connected technology solutions for commercial cleaning.

“Our Internet of Clean platform provides customers with full visibility of their cleaning operations in order to improve efficiencies and reduce costs,” said Jan Willem Tinge, Global Vice President Facilities and Machines, Diversey Care. “IntelliTrail, a key component of the Internet of Clean, allows facility managers and owners to remotely monitor their TASKI machines. In turn, they can quickly identify issues to limit their overall impact and drive continuous improvements.”

fleet managementIntelliTrail combines smart technology, GPS tracking, and web applications to provide managers with real-time visibility of fleet performance. A device is physically mounted on the designated equipment and contains a SIM card and hardware to record and transmit data. Users have access to machine data including geographical position, run time, and critical service information, such as battery state, which can help reduce total cost of ownership and enhance quality of service.

Facility managers can mount the fleet management system on both TASKI and competitor floor care machines, and non-scrubber assets such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning carts, and burnishers to track their entire fleet. Additionally, IntelliTrail’s Monthly Fleet Summary Report proactively highlights areas in need of attention and suggests improvements to benefit the bottom line. The report highlights the top three actions needing attention, top sites with variance in operating hours, battery state, crashes, and more.