Flood Barriers Flood Resistant Up To 6′

The Flood Panel™ Super Flood Log™ has been updated to withstand water levels twice the testing height required for commercial buildings.

Flood Panel LLC announced that its commercial Flood Log™ flood barriers are now flood resistant up to 6′. Renamed Flood Panel Super Flood Log, the modular system of flood panels can withstand water levels twice the testing height required for commercial buildings and is suitable for storefronts, entry doors, window applications, and more.

flood barriers“Catastrophic storms, unprecedented rainfall, and historic high tides are pushing the limits of flood protection in areas most vulnerable to flooding,” said Tom Osborne, president of Flood Panel. “Our Super Flood Log system addresses the growing demand for flood barriers that provide protection for water heights over 3′.”

The Super Flood Log is designed to withstand high velocity water loads and to be resistant to heavy impact forces from floating debris (hydrostatic flood and hydrodynamic loads calculated per ASCE 7-10 with 8ft/s maximum water velocity). Tested to protect at higher flood heights, it is particularly applicable to flash flood and hurricane prone locations in both small and large installations.

The Super Flood Log can be installed across specific openings or as a perimeter defense. The system is comprised of “C” shaped support posts and hollow aluminum beams, the ends of which mount (slide) down between the jaws of each post. These beams stack on edge with each other with a tongue and groove connection. The bottom beam of each span is fitted with a large rubber seal that makes contact with the foundation surface, thereby achieving a watertight seal. No fixture points are required. The end posts of a linear installation can also be mounted internally within the wall structure, make it even more unobtrusive.

The Super Flood Log system can be supplied in almost any configuration from closed circles and rectangles to linear “straight” runs of any length and a maximum height of approx. 9′. The flood barriers can also be engineered to accommodate slopes of 20°, and be supplied in a stepped format for greater gradients.

Super Flood Log passed rigorous certification testing to perform in floods up to 6′, higher than required by International Building Code. It is available through National Flood Protection LLC, the national corporate partner of Flood Panel. NFP supplies, installs, and provides consultation services for Flood Panel’s commercial flood solutions to customers across the country.

“You won’t find a manufacturer with more knowledge about flood mitigation than Flood Panel,” said Russ Ellington, president of NFP. “As their national corporate partner, we provide the best product and installation at the best possible price. Our ability to offer custom solutions for just about any floodproofing challenge is extremely valuable to our customers along the coasts and in other areas impacted by frequent flooding.”

Testing for Higher Floods

Building owners want assurance that their flood protection will keep water out when flooding occurs. The National Flood Barrier Certification & Testing Program certifies floodproofing products to national standards set by the Association of Flood Plain Managers, the U.S. Army Core of Engineers, and FM Global.

The program outlines tests, manufacturing facility audits, and operational guidelines to certify flood barriers will stand up to waves, hydrostatic forces, and impact forces. Tests must be performed by an independent testing certification company in an approved testing lab, such as the Flood Lab at Flood Panel headquarters.

FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program adopted the program to standardize floodproofing of nonresidential structures in up to 3′ of water. According to Osborne, the standard height is not enough for many businesses in areas prone to flooding.

“Over the years, most of our customers needed flood protection between three and five feet, above the building standards set by FEMA,” said Osborne. “We designed and built a lab to test our products to 6′, twice the industry standard, and redesigned our entire product line to address the higher flood heights experienced by our customers.”

Flood Panel’s consultancy services include the development of site-specific Flood Emergency Response Plans as recommended by FEMA. Required by many public building authorities, the response plan is a step-by-step guide to prepare structures for a flood threat, and is an integral part of any flood-proofing design.

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