Flood Buzz Pro-02 Leak Alarm Warns Against Water Damage

Flood Buzz's new water leak alarm is designed to monitor air-conditioner condensate pans and warn against potential leaks or overflow.

Flood Buzz Pro-02 AlarmFlood Buzz’s new water leak alarm, the FloodBuzz Pro-02, is designed specifically to monitor air-conditioner condensate pans while remaining easy-to-use, low-cost and loud. The patented leak alarm warns of impending overflowing condensate pans by sounding an alarm when it senses a build-up of condensate that may not be draining correctly.

In use, the leak alarm will allow moisture or water to build up to 1/8″ in the condensate pan. Once the collection has reached 1/8″ and water begins to touch the two prongs fitted on the bottom of the product, a 110 dB alarm will sound, alerting facility managers of the overflow. This can prevent flooding and water damage to a facility’s flooring, protect buildings and immediately alert facility executives of a potential hazard, saving costs and maintaining workplace safety.

FloodBuzz Pro-02 leak alarms are small and need little battery maintenance. They contain an internal three-year battery and have preset programming, eliminating installation time and the need for monitoring energy levels. FloodBuzz Pro-02 leak alarms can be quickly installed by simply being placed in the condensate pan.

Flood Buzz is manufactured and distributed by Archetype Ltd., a New Jersey-based product development and manufacturing group.

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