Flooring That Stands Up To NYC Foot Traffic

Each day more than 5.7 million passengers ride the New York City subway system. Rarely do they think about the floor beneath them — and nora flooring makes sure they never have to. A new video from nora systems, Inc., a global manufacturer of commercial rubber floor covering systems, depicts the company’s longstanding relationship with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to provide performance-driven flooring systems in all NYC subway cars. Rubber floor covering systems manufactured by nora flooring is exclusively used in all NYC subway cars. The city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has relied on this flooring for subway cars and more for over 25 years.NYC subway

“The NYC subway is one of the largest transportation systems in the world,” said Tim Cole, vice president of marketing at nora systems, Inc., North America. “The MTA depends on nora to get passengers safely to their destination while consistently performing without fail. nora is one of the few flooring systems worldwide that exceeds the demands of billions of annual commuters with minimal maintenance.”

The video below explores the following reasons the MTA trusts nora premium rubber flooring:

Safety. nora’s extremely dense, closed surface provides additional dimensional stability to reduce trips, slips and falls. The flooring is fire retardant and, since it’s free of harmful toxins, will not release poisonous gases if a fire does occur.

Maintenance. nora flooring is highly stain resistant and does not require hazardous coatings or chemicals. Floors can be cleaned using little more than water and a mop.

Durability. nora flooring can last up to 50 years. Its highly-dense composition reduces susceptibility to staining while easily enduring heavy loads. nora’s non-welded seams are inherently resistant to bacterial growth.

Design. nora’s flexible design systems include customized colors and inlays to distinguish various subway lines and aid passengers with directional wayfinding.

Today, nora covers roughly 3.8 million square feet in approximately 6,600 subway cars and helps get passengers safely to their destination while minimizing operational downtime due to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

To view the video about the use of rubber flooring in the NY subway system, click below (3:59 run time).