FM Alert: Work Environments eBook Available

New eBook from AgilQuest provides a step-by-step guide to modern workplace solutions.

Technology is rapidly expanding the capabilities of organizations to provide their people with options to work inside and out of the traditional office environment. And more of today’s top talent are seeking organizations that can provide the freedom to choose the best place to work, whether it’s at a desk, on the train, or from a home office. When people can work in an environment best suited for them, they are more productive and engaged, and organizations can save tremendous amounts of money in real estate and resource costs.

work environmentsA new eBook, A Step-By-Step Guide to Modern Workplace Solutions, from AgilQuest explores the different types of work environments that can be incorporated into an organization.

Download the eBook to learn more about:

  • Permanently Assigned Seating: Workspaces are assigned to individuals
  • Desk Sharing: Assigning two or more people to each workspace
  • Hoteling: Workspaces available to anyone by reservation
  • Free Address: Unassigned, non-reserveable space
  • Meeting Room Management: Accurate, reliable control for all conference rooms
  • Utilization Analytics: Dashboards and reporting for workspace utilization