Question Of The Week: Workplace Wellness Programs?

With wellness programs of growing importance, how are you and your team ensuring facility conditions and workplace design foster employee satisfaction and retention? Are you collaborating with your counterparts in human resources to create dynamic workspaces?

As workplace design continues to be recognized as a tool through which organizations propel their success, facility management leaders are increasingly contributing insight and real change to the physical space in which employees and clients interact.wellness programs

According to a Fall 2015 report from CoreNet Global, wellness programs will be a corporate mandate for many organizations as the competition for talent continues to intensify. As corporate wellness initiatives take root globally, corporate real estate executives are in a position to demonstrate leadership and serve as a strategic resource for their organizations.

“These programs will be manifested in both the built environment and the associated physical amenities, along with preventative health monitoring and treatment. Fostering an engaged workforce through encouragement and support (both personally and professionally) will be an essential part of a holistic approach that creates a productive and fulfilled workforce,” according to the report, entitled “How Well Do You Know Wellness?”

As it pertains to facilities, wellness is tied to the workplace through many initiatives including but not limited to air quality, cleaning materials, healthy food options, lighting, physical space design, and dedicated physical activity spaces.

With wellness programs of growing importance, are you collaborating more with your counterparts in human resources to create a dynamic workplace? Please use the Comments section below.