Focus On: Building Envelope

Today’s Facility Manager serves as a comprehensive resource for facility professionals who regularly purchase product and services for their facilities. In this web exclusive Building Envelope product focus, the editors present several of the latest introductions to the market. Look for a variety of product categories to be highlighted online throughout the year. These are in addition to the products you will find featured in the magazine during 2014.


Air-Bloc® LF by Henry CompanyHenry® Air-Bloc® LF - Henry Company
Air-Bloc LF is a flashing membrane applied as a single component liquid that can withstand rain immediately after application and provide compatibility with asphalt. Designed to cure through reaction with airborne moisture, it creates a heavy-duty seamless rubber-like, impervious membrane with weathering and water resistance and nail sealability (meets AAMA 711). Air-Bloc LF is made of high solids silyl-terminated-poly-ether (STPE) and is easy to gun, spread, and tool. It offers a temperature application at 20°F with a 95% solids composition that results in minimal shrinkage, and can be used for details such as window and door flashing. The product is also a sealant for sheathing joints and membrane termination. Air-Bloc LF is low VOC and low odor; offers adhesion to prepared substrates of concrete, concrete block, primed steel, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, exterior grade gypsum board, and plywood; and is compatible with all Henry sheet and liquid air barrier membranes, HE925 BES sealant, and rubberized asphalt. It is recommended that Air-Bloc LF be applied at a 25 mil wet film thickness.


KarrierPanel™ by Kingspan Insulated Panels KarrierPanel™ - Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels
KarrierPanel is single component wall system that provides 100% building envelope performance. Comprised of a lightweight KS Series panel and integrated rail, the universal barrier is an alternative solution to traditional multi-component wall systems that supports secondary rainscreens. The structural rail safely transmits positive loads from the façade cladding to the structural supports behind the insulated panels. The rail does not penetrate the air vapor barrier, enabling multiple types of rainscreens to be attached to the rail such as brick, single skin metal, aluminum composite, and various tile systems. The KarrierPanel is suitable for most facility types in most climates and is available in a number of lengths with a 1″, 2″, or 3″ bearing surface and a standard rail configuration of 16 gauge Galvalume, 50 KSI steel.


Blue Barrier Flash‘N Wrap RG 2400 by Dominus Innovations Flash 'N Wrap - Dominus Innovations
BEP Blue Barrier Flash’N Wrap RG 2400 is an all-purpose, fully adhered liquid membrane that can be used for roller applied flashing applications, bridging dissimilar materials, creating seamless pan membranes in window and door installations, and for vertical wall substrate moisture protective coatings. Developed from STPE technology, it is part of the BEP Blue Barrier line of liquid applied advanced air, moisture, and mold protection and is fully compatible with all products in the family. The single stage, one step Flash’ Wrap RG 2400 does not require mixing or primer. It features shore hardness to prevent coating wear and tear, adhesion to bond to multiple substrates (e.g., concrete, steel, wood, aluminum), and permeability (23 perms) to allow substrates to breathe. Flash’N Wrap RG 2400 is solvent free, isocyanate free, and low VOC; bonds and cures in wet conditions; and contains fungicide for mold resistance. It has a tensile strength of 329 PSI, a tear strength of 45 PSI, 250% elongation, and is packaged in two gallon and five gallon pails.


FlatWrap™ HP Housewrap by Benjamin ObdykeFlatWrap™ HP Housewrap -  Benjamin Obdyke
FlatWrap HP Housewrap is a commercial grade tri-laminate water-resistive barrier. Its structural components provide enhanced UV exposure for up to six months and greater tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40′. With a vapor permeability of 35 perms, FlatWrap HP Housewrap resists damage from surfactants that can compromise other house wraps. It comes in a 5′ x 100′ roll size with 500 square foot coverage and adds a black substrate to cut down on surface glare. FlatWrap HP Housewrap is compatible with all Benjamin Obdyke sill solutions and is protected with a 15 year warranty when installed with the company’s other flashing accessories (HydroTape®, HydroFlash®, and HydroCorner™).