Focus On: Fire Systems And Equipment

Take a look at this assortment of fire systems and equipment solutions that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the April 2022 Issue

Take a look at this assortment of fire systems and equipment solutions that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Tyco Sprinkler Shields
by Johnson Controls

fire systems and equipmentJohnson Controls introduced the Tyco Model ES-1 and ES-2 Sprinkler Shields for the protection of in-rack, early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinklers in storage facilities and warehouses. The all-metal shields work to protect sprinkler elements from cold soldering, which occurs when cascading water from ceiling-mounted and high-mounted, in-rack sprinklers cool down and inhibits the operation of in-rack sprinklers mounted at lower heights. When used in conjunction with ceiling protection, in-rack ESFRs have become an integral component in an overall fire protection solution. FM datasheets 8-9 and 8-34 now require that when multiple levels of ESFR sprinklers are used, the sprinklers below the highest level have shields to protect them from getting wet should a sprinkler above them operate.

The sprinkler shields are designed for use with Tyco Model ESFR pendent sprinklers. The ES-1 Shield is designed for a thread size of 3/4″ and works with ESFR-14 and ESFR-17 sprinklers. The ES-2 Shield is designed for a thread size of 1″ and works with ESFR-22 and ESFR-25 sprinklers. Tyco ES-1 and ES-2 Sprinkler Shields are available zinc-coated or painted red, allowing for aesthetics that meet the needs of the space in which they are installed.

Connected Life Safety Services
by Honeywell

fire systems and equipmentHoneywell launched Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), its first all-in-one cloud platform for fire safety systems. This gives customers remote connectivity and visibility to their fire safety systems from any mobile device anytime, anywhere.

This CLSS suite of tools, built on the Honeywell Forge platform, enables fire technicians to minimize disruption, prove compliance and reduce time needed for design, installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance, and reporting of life safety systems. These tools can also improve the delivery of on-time completions and the handover of a compliant system with the relevant reports, saving channel partners—and end users—time and money. During planned maintenance, CLSS streamlines the verification of compliant fire system testing and automatically generates and archives compliance reports for audit purposes.

CLSS is protected with extensive built-in cybersecurity provisions. Whether using the CLSS mobile app or a PC, facility managers can safely monitor their systems and easily access compliance reporting. This real-time view also enables technicians to troubleshoot a system remotely, allowing them to arrive on site with the right tools to service a system the first time.

by Edwards

fire systems and equipmentEdwards’ new ESTMobile™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) productivity solution allowing service providers to remotely connect to their fire control panels through a secure connection. ESTMobile designed to provide insight and foresight into fire control panels to improve responsiveness, predict service needs, and reduce service cost.
The solution provides access reports and diagnostics from a browser-based client as well as from a smartphone or a tablet. It proactively sends mobile notifications and emails about the panel’s events, such as alarms and other supervisory or trouble events. With the application dashboard, Edwards service providers can use the ESTMobile solution to manage multiple facilities from a single screen. This insight into systems enables certified Edwards Partners to stay proactive, respond quickly, and make accurate assessments from anywhere.
ESTMobile has been optimized with advanced cybersecurity features, making it a simple and secure way for Edwards service providers to improve the overall operation of life safety systems, while also streamlining their site visits and empowering them to assess needs quickly and plan the appropriate response when they’re in the field.

Model 5900 Flood Eliminator
by AGF Manufacturing

fire systems and equipmentAGF Manufacturing’s Model 5900 Flood Eliminator is an attachment designed to prevent broken auxiliary drains from flooding a facility. The Model 5900 is designed to allow condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip. If presented with the pressurized flow that would result from a failed drum drip, it automatically trips to cut off that flow and eliminate the flooding and damage that would result from system failure. The Flood Eliminator can be pre-assembled to AGF’s COLLECTanDRAIN auxiliary drains or retrofitted to existing auxiliary drains.

The patent-pending Model 5900 is designed for installation above the top valve of a typical auxiliary drain assembly and is housed in a 3.5” brass body with a 1″ female NPT inlet and a 1″ male NPT outlet. If the drain below a Flood Eliminator fails, the dry valve will open, resulting in pressurized water entering the system flowing towards the break. When this high-velocity pressurized flow reaches the specially engineered internal mechanism of the Flood Eliminator, it will shut down the flow and stop the flooding.

The Flood Eliminator does not require power and will automatically reset when the system is reset. It is compatible with dry and pre-action systems using standard compressed air or nitrogen.