Focus On: Leak Detection

These leak detection solutions can help prevent wasted water and money, and keep your facility's occupants safe and healthy.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2022 Issue

Take a look at this assortment of leak detection solutions that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Leak Detection From Water Signal


Leak DetectionWaterSignal is a non-invasive technology that provides real-time monitoring and management of water usage to help buildings avoid the monetary and environmental impacts of wasted water and potential infrastructure damage. By continuously measuring domestic, irrigation, and cooling tower water meters, the technology eliminates uncontrolled water loss by alerting building engineers immediately of excessive or abnormal water use. The alert notification system sends catastrophic leak alerts within minutes to facility management 24/7 via SMS text or e-mail. Alert levels are fully customizable to the individual property. In order to detect pre-existing or ongoing leaks, through analysis the WaterSignal technical staff compares usage against industry averages and typical consumption patterns. WaterSignal can also conduct a property tour and assessment including fixture inventory, to understand usage patterns and on-site conditions. Conservation is a focus of WaterSignal, offering water bill analysis, portfolio dashboard tools, data review and consultation, and irrigation system management.




The KETOS WAVE is a smart metering solution that is vertically integrated and combines IoT hardware, a connected real-time network, software, and machine learning to increase resource efficiency and improve operating decisions and grid management beyond commercially available AMI/AMR for utility managers. The system enables industrial facilities to understand water utilization and behavior, accurately forecast, detect flow and pressure anomalies, identify leaks at a single location or across a distributed network, and shut off the system remotely. KETOS WAVE was developed as an IoT solution first with reliable communications, capable of transmitting in real-time while feature-rich with flow data, pressure data, and leak detection data. The KETOS WAVE hardware nodes sense water characteristics inline to the pipe and communicate to a gateway using LoRa (Long range, low power) which allows for frequent data communications. KETOS WAVE employs a custom software stack for bidirectional communications allowing industrial facilities to benefit from an interactive response with the operations of the hardware.

Capteur Water Leak and Freeze Detector by Sencentric


SencentricSencentric’s Capteur Water Leak and Freeze Detector is the newest addition to its SimpleSENCE Enterprise Program, a scalable, commercial version of its water and leak detection system. The web-based user interface and cost-effective pricing model make SimpleSENCE ideal for apartments, condominiums, data centers, warehouses and vacation rentals to guard against damage from undetected water leaks and frozen pipes. Its compact size allows it to fit into the tightest, leak-prone areas. Capteur employs the original SimpleSENCE unit as its foundation but also features a fully sensing, three-foot “tail” to widen the water and freeze detection area. Another feature of Capteur is the removal of the speaker holes, used for the audible alarm. This helps make the unit watertight, as well as eliminates the possibility of false alerts in humid environments. Capteur’s inclusion in SimpleSENCE Enterprise will continue to provide 24/7 monitoring and control of and input from large numbers of sensors.

MPS™ Mini Flammable Gas Sensor by NevadaNano



NevadaNano now offers the MPS™ Mini, a miniaturized version of the Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) Flammable Gas Sensor. This new hydrocarbon sensor has a 10+ year lifetime and targets IoT and high-volume applications. This enables users to set new standards in connected gas sensors and helps create safer environments in industrial, commercial, and consumer settings. The MPS Mini Flammable measures the thermodynamic properties of the air-gas mix and accurately reports 0-100% LEL across 19 flammable gases without the need for field calibration. This meets the need for flexible sensor platforms in a range of non-industrial applications and makes it useful for residential/commercial applications like smart meters and IoT devices. Real-time measurements and built-in compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity enhance accuracy of all the MPS flammable gas sensors. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the entire environmental range, including rapid environmental transients. The Mini Flammable is inherently immune to drift, decay, and poison.

Multi-Zone Gas Monitor by Bacharach

Leak DetectionBacharach’s Multi-Zone Gas Monitor refrigerant leak detection offers a Method Detection Level (MDL) of 1ppm for halogenated gases. The Multi-Zone enhances refrigerant management and ensures compliance with refrigeration safety standards (ASHRAE 15, EN 378, CSA-B52) and emissions regulations (F-Gas, CARB RMP). The monitor’s sensor is not prone to false alarms caused by cross-interference from other gases or sudden changes in temperature/humidity. The gas library contains 60+ refrigerants, including CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs, and natural refrigerants (R-744, R-717). Unit can monitor up-to 16 zones, expand up to 48 sample points, and detect multiple gases. Graphic LCD display and LED status indicators provide real-time concentration readings. Two optional analog outputs (4-20mA) and Modbus communications (slave) offer integration with third-party BMS/BAS control systems. Three user-configurable relays may be used to activate external beacons/sounders, ventilation, or other countermeasures for leak, spill, and evacuate notifications.

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