Focus On: Waste Management

Facility Executive serves as a comprehensive resource for facility professionals who regularly purchase product and services for their facilities. In this web exclusive Waste Management product focus, the editors present several offerings on the market. These are in addition to the products you will find featured in each issue of the magazine.


ComplianceCaddy™ by Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (MOD)meets USEPA requirements for processing solvent contaminated wipes
The ComplianceCaddy is an EPA certified container for storing and transporting reusable and disposable solvent contaminated wipes. Closed, non-leaking, and fume proof, it also verifies the presence of free liquids. Once the cover is opened and used towels are placed inside the rotationally molded, polyethylene ComplianceCaddy, the towels are accumulated on a solvent resistant screen set inside. It then separates, drains, and contains the free liquids under the separation screen automatically. Sorbent products set in the base absorb the free liquids to permit transport for cleaning or disposal. When full or after 180 days (per the EPA), the ComplianceCaddy may be rolled away on its 6″ wheels and replaced with an empty unit. The ComplianceCaddy is available mobile in 50 gallon and 90 gallon capacities or forkliftable (without the mobility setup) in a 90 gallon capacity. The container features a smooth, molded-in handle for rolling; stacks when empty for storage and transport; and complies with DOT 49 CFR 173.3(c), EPA, SPCC, and NPDES.


Dumpster Fresh® by Armchem Internationalgranular molecular odor suppressant
Dumpster Fresh is a pink/red granular molecular odor suppressant that works to neutralize and absorb odors instantly. The new formula is stronger and more concentrated to work faster so less is needed. Dumpster Fresh can be used both indoors and outdoors in areas such as dumpsters, trash receptacles, compactors, locker rooms, laundry rooms, and sewer manholes. This long-lasting deodorant kills bad smells without masking them and requires a sprinkle; no scrubbing is necessary. Dumpster Fresh is insoluble, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic, and cherry scented.


CP-4002 by SP Industriesheavy duty stationary compactor
The CP-4002 is a heavy-duty stationary compactor with a dual cylinder design. Suitable for handling packaging materials, wooden skids, crates, and process scraps in facilities such as warehouses, transfer stations, and large retail outlets, it helps pack more material into a container for fewer hauls; keep materials safely undercover and out of site; keep debris in and rodents and scavengers out; and minimize waste stream material space on properties. The CP-4002 features a multi cycle timer, automatic safety retract, a freestanding power unit, and a keyed pinning/boost override system with side mounted controls. The compactor also provides structural steel supports (versus formed steel), breaker bar rigidity, a thrust beam design, a ram guide system, and hydraulics. Options include a rear load hopper with interlocked gate, a side load security chute, through wall ratchet binder assemblies, a photo eye start system, and a flashing strobe warning light. The CP-4002 has a 70″ L x 58″ W clear top opening with 174 cu.yds/hr volume displacement and 113,100 pounds maximum force. Standard paint finishes include yellow, red, dark green, and medium brown.

Eco-Safe Digester® by BioHitech America

on-site aerobic dister that eliminates food waste

The Eco-Safe Digester is an on-site aerobic digester that eliminates up to 2,500 pounds of food waste in a 24-hour period. It uses mechanical and biological treatments to convert food waste into a liquid that is safely discharged through standard sewer lines. During the process, the digester weighs each increment of waste, allows users to quantify its type and origin, and then immediately transmits the data to the BioHitech Cloud™—a technology platform hosted by Amazon that measures key metrics to optimize the food waste disposal process. The Eco-Safe Digester is available in three models that feature a self contained, continual feed and quiet operation: Eco-Safe 4 (45¾”L x 50″H x 35½”D), Eco-Safe 8 (59¾”L x 55¼”H x 44¼”D), and Eco-Safe 12 (69¼”L x 55¼”H x 44¼”D). No solids are generated, no chemicals are used, and no airborne contaminants are present. To use the Eco-Safe Digester users open the hatch door, add food waste, and close the door. Installation requires hot/cold water lines with mixing valve, a dedicated disconnect box, and access to a floor drain.