Follet Tempo Ice Machine Bin

The compact solution produces up to 90 pounds of Chewblet ice per day

Tempo™ from Follett® is an ice machine bin that can be used undercounter or freestanding. The series features a self-contained air cooled condenser, R600a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential, and is ENERGY STAR® certified. It produces up to 90 pounds of Chewblet ice per day with 30 pounds of storage machine bin

An integral drain pump on all Tempo models eliminates additional cost and an optional EZ-access carbon filter reduces chlorine and filters out scale, dirt, and particles down to 5 microns. The semi-automatic cleaning process is simple and quick; no special skills or tools are required.

ice machine binThis compact ice machine bin measures 14.96″ wide and weighs approximately 89 pounds. It is 22.56″ deep without the handle and 24.38″ deep with the full length door handle. Kick recess depth is 3.88″. The standard model measures 34.12″ to 35.12″ high while the ADA model measures 32″ to 33″ high. Kick recess height is 3.5″. Service clearance is 2″ behind.

The all stainless steel Tempo exterior (door, toe kick, and handle) and field reversible door make this a versatile solution for applications where a lot of ice is needed in a small amount of space. Bright LED lighting and a white interior highlight the crunchy ice. Air temperature is 50°F to 100°F, water temperature is 40°F to 90°F, and water pressure is 10 psi to 70 psi. Energy consumption is 10 kWh per 100 pounds of ice and water consumption is 12 gallons of potable water per 100 pounds of ice.