Food Bank Furnished

When Boston-based designer Justine Sterling, of Justine Sterling Design, was nearing the completion of a recent expansion project for her client, the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), she realized the non-profit was hitting its budget limit on the new warehouse and distribution facility with little remaining to adequately furnish the modest space allocated for the organization’s management office.

In looking for a solution, Sterling turned to colleague, Amy Hill, an Allsteel Architecture & Design Specialist, who saw this as an opportunity to repurpose Allsteel furnishings that had been used for local trade show displays.

Now complete, the Food Bank, which distributes approximately 30 million pounds of food annually has its reception, office, and conference room areas furnished with Allsteel chairs and tables.

“Building a new facility was a daunting task, and most of our financial 
resources were used for the warehouse, equipment, and racking,” said Kathleen Marre, chief administrative officer for GBFB. “Our office furniture budget was very minimal. Without the donation from Allsteel, much of our space would have gone empty. Our employees work very hard, and providing them with such beautiful furniture really improves our working environment.”

Allsteel and its Boston-based team were pleased to know the donation had such an impact. “The Greater Boston Food Bank provides such an important service to the community,” said Hill. “So, we’re proud to know we’re helping them in their work and, at the same time doing our part toward an Allsteel initiative to reuse and repurpose our furniture.”

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