Foot Traction While Floor Stripping

STABIL’s StripGrips help keep workers safe and more productive on the job

STABIL®, a U.S. manufacturer of traction footwear for 27 years, has introduced StripGrips®, their newest job safety traction device, specifically designed for floor stripping. They are suitable for crews who are stripping floors in schools, plants, and commercial properties and require foot traction to stay safe and be more productive on the job.

foot tractionTo keep workers safely on their feet while stripping floors, StripGrips feature STABIL’s proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) and replaceable pads. TPE provides a flexible, lightweight TensionFit™ upper which keeps the StripGrips secure over workers’ footwear of choice and is made to last through multiple jobs.

foot tractionThe StripGrip pads are placed into the Retention Band System™ to ensure the pad does not fall off, like it does with the Velcro pads. The system also allows pads to be removed easily for cleaning. The pads are intended to be cleaned between uses to remove the day’s floor wax build up and increase their longevity. The cushioning that the upper and pad provide helps reduce leg fatigue for operators who are on their feet all day. No slipping results in much less muscle tension, so the wearer is more comfortable and productive.foot traction

“STABIL launched almost three decades ago with an ice traction job safety product: the Maxx. Through innovation, we are now providing superior traction options for people who work indoors as well,” said STABIL President, John Milburn. “It means a lot to us that our products help prevent costly slips and falls in the workplace.”

StripGrips come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes for men and women. The foot traction products are meant to be worn on flat surfaces only and should not be used on stairs.