FOUNDATION Modular Work Platforms

Made for reuse and redesign, the Wearwell system is engineered to deliver all the strength and stability of traditional platforms, but in a fraction of the time

FOUNDATION from Wearwell is a new generation of work platforms designed to raise workers to ergonomic work heights while providing a safe and stable floor. It delivers the strength and stability of traditional platforms with modularity for reuse and platforms

FOUNDATION goes together for a fraction of the price and time it takes to build custom plywood or fabricated metal platforms. It raises employees to the proper height and elevates them above potential floor hazards. The work platforms flex just enough to provide a comfortable walking and standing surface and are compatible with ergonomic matting for additional anti-fatigue benefits.

work platforms“Breaking into an entirely new product category is serious business. We want to expand into spaces where our credibility, innovative spirit, and brand recognition are an instant asset. The world of work platforms fits that criteria,” said Wearwell’s Chief Business Development Officer, John Moughler.

FOUNDATION is available in stock heights between 4″ and 12″, or custom cut. No welding or specialized tools are required for assembly. Each individual 18″x18″ tile is rated for a 400 pound load. The rating has a built-in safety factor of 3:1, so an individual tile will not fail until the load approaches 1,200 pounds.

work platformsThe platform tiles are manufactured using 100% post-consumer polypropylene and the aluminum frame is 100% recyclable. In addition, all manufacturing of FOUNDATION is done in the USA, reducing the environmental impact of cross continental emissions.

“Most customers are designing and fabricating their own work platforms. We believe customers will jump at the chance to get out of the platform business and leave that to Wearwell! Our NEW Foundation platform system makes this an easy option where few existed before,” Moughler said.


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