Four Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Disinfection Plan

RD Weis discusses the four most common mistakes made when creating a disinfection plan and how you can avoid them in your facility.

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disinfection planBy Randy Weis

As businesses weigh their options for reopening, many are putting together plans for routine disinfection. But too often, the measures these businesses take fall short. RD Weis is here to help. Here’s the four most common mistakes made when creating a disinfection plan and how you can avoid them.

disinfection plan1. Only Wiping Down Surfaces

Wiping down surfaces is an excellent start to disinfection. But it’s only that – a start. While wiping surfaces can remove accumulated dirt and grime, it leaves other spaces untouched. Floors, walls, and ceilings can just as easily harbor disease causing bacteria and viruses. And if you have a large number of doorknobs, desks, chairs, phones and appliances to wipe down, it’s easy to overlook one.

The only way to assure your space has been comprehensively disinfected is to wipe and fog with disinfectant. RD Weis has over 10 years of experience using electrostatic sprayers and foggers to great effect. These devices emit a mist of disinfectant, evenly coating the entirety of your interior space and killing harmful microbes wherever they’re hiding, from hairline cracks to carpet. Between wiping and misting, with a comprehensive approach, you can be confident that your space is clean.

2. Using The Wrong Disinfectant

There are many different kinds of disinfectant, from harsh chemicals like bleach to natural alternatives with questionable effectiveness. And while some disinfectants are excellent at cleaning small areas, that doesn’t mean it’s a practical or effective choice for cleaning an entire building.

At RD Weis, we use a disinfectant that’s meant to be used for disinfecting everything from schools to offices, restaurants to airports. This disinfectant is both CDC-approved to kill the coronavirus and EPA-registered to be safe to use around people, plants, food, and pets. It’s 100% biodegradable and non-allergenic, with a close-to-neutral pH and no VOCs. And because it doesn’t have a harsh, noxious smell, people can get back to working, learning and enjoying your space almost immediately.

3. Choosing An Inexperienced Team

This pandemic has led to a surge in the number of pop-up disinfection companies. But while these companies might have the equipment, rarely do they have the experience to use it effectively, leaving your business and your employees exposed. Too often, these companies use the wrong chemicals when disinfecting, contaminating your space with acrid odors that take days to dissipate. And as quickly as these companies appeared, they disappear, leaving you to deal with the consequences.

With an established disinfection provider like RD Weis, you know that the health of your employees and your business is in good hands. Every RD Weis employee knows the ins and outs of their equipment. They’re fully kitted with the right PPE to do the job and they’re able to dial in the precise output of their sprayer to correct for humidity and ambient temperature and reduce unnecessary oversaturation.

disinfection plan4. Disinfecting Only Once

Disinfecting your space is an excellent way to bring peace of mind to yourself and your employees. But that disinfection does not last forever. The moment someone enters your space, they bring all their microbes with them, raising your risk of coronavirus contamination. The only way to keep your space safe is to disinfect routinely. How frequently depends on the size of your space, the number of people who come in contact with it and your comfort level. An experienced disinfection company like RD Weis can help you answer all these questions and more.

There’s a reason why people keep saying these are “uncertain times.” But with this advice and the help of a reliable, time-tested disinfection contractor like RD Weis, you can rest assured. Whether you need help creating a plan or would like us to help you put yours into action, we’re here to help. As a Diverzify company, we have locations all over the country that are ready to help you get back to work. And if you manage multiple locations in multiple cities, Diverzify allows you to schedule and manage disinfections from a single point of contact.

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Four Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Disinfection Plan