FM Alert: Free Fire and Extinguisher Safety Training Course

Free Fire and Extinguisher Safety Training Course.A non-residential fire occurs every five minutes, property damage from fires costs businesses $708 million annually, and 40 percent of small businesses never recover from a devastating financial loss such as a fire. If you were confronted with a fire in your workplace, would you know whether to fight or flee? If you decide to fight the fire, would you know what to do?

A free training course on extinguishing fires in the workplace is being offered by UL Workplace Health & Safety as part of its comprehensive online eLearning library. The course provides instructions for addressing a fire in a non-residential setting as well as background information to guide the decision to fight or flee a fire and identifies the elements that can cause or stoke a fire. Additionally, the course teaches participants how to choose an appropriate fire extinguisher based on the type of fire and how to operate, inspect, and maintain them.

Free Fire and Extinguisher Safety Training Course.
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“There were more than 107,000 commercial structure fires last year, shutting down businesses and putting employees at risk,” said Mark Ward, General Manager of UL Workplace Health & Safety. “This free training course provides valuable knowledge that everyone can use in the event of a fire.”

Fire Extinguisher Safety will be offered through UL Workplace Health & Safety’s website.

UL was founded in 1894 with the specific mission to prevent fires caused by electricity. It continues to apply its fire safety expertise to assist customers in the area of fire protection, firefighter safety, and product certification and testing.