Free Property Inspections And Maintenance eBook

Western Specialty Contractors makes the complex maintenance process simple with its new eBook, “Property Inspections – The Critical First Step.”

Properly maintaining a building, facility, or structure is one of the most challenging, yet important tasks of a facility manager or property owner. Knowing which building components are the most vital, when those components should be inspected and how they should be maintained over time can be overwhelming to the inexperienced, and even the most experienced facility manager. Concrete and masonry restoration experts Western Specialty Contractors has made the complex maintenance process simple with its new eBook, “Property Inspections – The Critical First Step.”

Downloadable for freeProperty Inspections and Maintenance, Western’s Property Inspections eBook outlines the keys to successful property inspections and maintenance, which begins with the building component inventory.

“If you are preparing to launch a new maintenance program, or just revamp an existing one, the first step is to create a building component inventory, even before doing any inspections,” said Teddy Williams, Content Marketing Manager at Western Specialty Contractors. “While this may feel like an unnecessary step, it is actually the most important. You don’t want to waste a lot of time and money inspecting and repairing building components that don’t necessarily need it. A proper component inventory will help protect against unwanted expenditures.”

The Property Inspections eBook outlines the steps to creating a building component inventory, from determining whether a component should be included on the list, rating its current condition and determining its age and life expectancy.

“This process allows property managers and owners to be able to time repairs better, make budgets more accurate and avoid unnecessary costs,” said Williams.

The next step in building maintenance outlined in the eBook is scheduling and conducting inspections — a process that can be expensive and time-consuming but doesn’t have to be. Planning is the key to simplifying the process, said Williams.

“The inspection plan is today’s property maintenance darling. Regular maintenance helps you sustain a healthy and attractive property, plus makes maintenance projects more predictable while increasing tenant satisfaction, retention and attraction,” said Williams.

The Property Inspections eBook takes readers through a step-by-step process for creating a successful inspection plan, plus provides several tips on how to take the stress out of property inspections and maintenance decision-making.

Other valuable information provided in the eBook includes:

  • How to rate a component’s condition
  • Knowing when it’s time to fix a component
  • How to prioritize and budget for repairs
  • Making inspection data objective and easier to digest
  • When and how often to do exterior property inspections

In addition to the eBook, Western Specialty Contractors also offers continuing education on exterior property maintenance.