Fresh Blends Launches Self-Cleaning FreshBlender Plus

The FreshBlender Plus includes a built-in cleaning system that completes periodic drain and cleaning routines automatically.


Fresh Blends' FreshBlender Plus
Fresh Blends’ FreshBlender Plus

Fresh Blends debuted the FreshBlender Plus, which includes a built-in cleaning system, at the 2023 NACS Show. The Advanced Sanitation system completes the daily and weekly drain and periodic cleaning routines automatically, with no human intervention. These cleanings can be scheduled to run during low-demand time periods to eliminate disruption to customers, ensuring that the FreshBlender is always cleaned and ready to serve beverages.  A RetroFit Kit for Advanced Sanitation will be available for installation in existing FreshBlenders.

In addition to its upgraded components and necessary software for the Advanced Sanitation system, the FreshBlender Plus includes onboard storage for the concentrated cleaning chemicals required for the new system.  Similarly, the unit occupies the same overall footprint envelope, allowing customers with original FreshBlenders to upgrade to the Plus without any in-store infrastructure changes. 

The FreshBlender Plus runs on the IoT platform Fresh Cloud, designed to give stakeholders real-time insight into operations, sales, and machine status. Key features of the Fresh Cloud include real-time visualization, custom database design, predictive analytics, instant alerts, and a user-friendly interface. It will also feature a self-pay integration that can also be retrofitted for existing FreshBlenders in the coming months.

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