FRIDAY FUNNY: Do You Doodle?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Every office has a doodler—someone who makes sketches, funny drawings, and abstract images on loose pieces of paper as well as office whiteboards. Famous doodlers include many past presidents, like Ronald Reagan (who drew pictures of cowboys and football players) and John F. Kennedy (known for sketching little yachts). Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Prussia, may have been scribbling the highlights of her happy, though short-lived marriage to King Frederick William III when she produced the doodle featured in the photo at the right.

While not all doodles are created by world leaders, some are just as noteworthy. It is this thinking that is behind the latest contest sponsored by OFM and Quartet®. The two companies have joined together to sponsor “Do You Doodle?”—the search for the best whiteboard art from offices around the country.

“Doodling is an under appreciated art form. What we’ve learned over the years is doodling is actually helpful to keep your focus and retain information, especially when you are in a long meeting,” says Blake Zalcberg, chief executive officer of OFM. “With this contest, we are hoping to highlight the fun side of doodling while inviting people to share their best works of art.”

The contest, which runs through November 30, 2013, is being held on the OFM Facebook page and is easy to enter simply by uploading an image of whiteboard art. Contestants should send in their best office doodle on a whiteboard, with points given for originality, creativity, and style, along with a brief description of why they doodle and how it helps them work. Doodles should not be directly work-related such as a sketch of a product design, but should be unrelated to the work discussion.

The whiteboard doodle in our offices...a worthy contender in the contest?
The whiteboard doodle in our offices…a worthy contender in the contest? (Photo: Heidi Schwartz.)

First-, second-, and third-place prizes will be awarded. The first-place winner will receive an OFM desk in the 66000 Series and a Quartet® Prestige Plus® DuraMax® Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard with a Euro™ Frame, plus two 12 packs of assorted color, chisel tip Quartet® EnduraGlide® Dry-Erase Markers. The second-place winner will receive an OFM chair of their choice and a frameless Quartet® iQ™ Whiteboard, plus one 12 pack of EnduraGlide Dry-Erase Markers. Finally, the third-place winner will receive a Quartet® Standard Whiteboard with a Silver Aluminum Frame. Winners can choose the size of the Quartet board they receive to ensure a perfect fit in their workspace.

“It will be fun to see the range of subjects people doodle on whiteboards,” adds Zalcberg. “Some people like to sketch faces, while others draw landscape or abstract shapes and patterns. Really anything you can find in art you can find in a doodle too.”

To enter to win the “Do You Doodle?” contest, visit: