Friday Funny Giveaway: Best Out Of Power Anecdote Wins!

Duracell is making FacilityBlog visitors an offer they can’t refuse: your funniest power deficit comment to this post could be a winner! The company has introduced two products—the myGrid and the myGrid USB charger (pictured, left)—which it will be giving away to the facility manager who reveals his or her most humorous professional portable power deficit anecdote. Stories must be posted below by Thursday, June 30, 2011 in order to be considered for this contest.

The myGrid charging pad charges up to four devices at once but eliminates the need for multiple cords. It charges devices just as fast as standard chargers.

The device starts charging once it is placed on the Duracell myGrid (orientation does not matter unlike with some competitive offerings) and stops charging when battery is full for efficient use of power. More on how it works:

  • Attach the Power Sleeve or Power Clip to your device;
  • Place your device on the myGrid charging pad;
  • Once your device is charged, pick it up and walk away.

The myGrid pad is compatible with devices from most popular brands including: BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Apple. Duracell myGrid includes the myGrid charging pad, AC adapter, PowerClip + tips compatible with the following models:

  • BlackBerry Curve Series; Bold Series; 8800 Series; Pearl Series
  • LG enV2, 3; Xenon; Dare; Chocolate; Ax300; VX5500
  • Nokia E71; 2610; 6085; 6555; 6061; 6205

The Duracell myGrid for Apple products includes the myGrid charging pad and a Power Sleeve for the iPhone. Power Sleeves, PowerClip + tips are available for $29.99 – $34.99 SRP. Power Sleeves are available for the iPod touch, iPhone, BlackBerry Curve, and BlackBerry Pearl.

The myGrid USB charger is a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers hours of portable power for the same types of devices but without the hassle of having to search for a power outlet. The Duracell myGrid USB Charger is designed to give today’s professional the freedom to live beyond the power grid and stay connected to the devices they value most.

The Duracell myGrid USB Charger is compatible with the Duracell myGrid so charging it is simple and wireless – just drop the USB Charger on the myGrid and go. Its compact size makes it conveniently portable for reliable extra power when traveling or as an everyday accessory.

If you’ve ever been in a funny situation where your portable workplace device just inconveniently ran out of juice, please share your story below. Make sure to include a verifiable e-mail address so we can get in touch with you to send your prize!