FRIDAY FUNNY: Just A Drop In The Bucket

Xylem is a water technology company that enables customers to transport, treat, test, and efficiently use water in public utility, commercial building services, industrial and agricultural settings. The White Plains, NY-based spinoff of ITT Corporation has created a fun and challenging new online game called Go H2O GO to help both water management professionals and consumers alike learn how to conserve this precious resource more effectively and efficiently.

Go H20 Go! is a free multilevel digital experience that challenges players to use pipes, pumps, and fluid thinking to move water efficiently through a series of challenges. While players put their problem-solving skills to the test, they’ll also learn more about water’s critical role in buildings, institutions, and a variety of other environments.

Designed to be fun, stimulating, and slightly addictive, Go H20 Go! offers a gaming experience that lets players watch their scores climb as they advance from level to level using less pipe, bonus tools, and their knowledge of basic physics to get water from one location to another and become the highest score.