Friday Funny: Wash ‘Em, Just Wash ‘Em

Posted by Heidi Schwartz wash em handwashing video

Today’s Facility Manager has been monitoring the hand washing debate for many years. From the paper towel vs. hand dryer controversy to the explosive increase in the use of hand sanitizers in public rest room facilities—especially during nasty seasonal virus outbreaks—hygiene in public facilities is an ongoing concern. Jefferson University Hospital has elevated hand washing to an art form. The hospital put together an impressive video that serves as a tribute to the king of all music videos, Michael Jackson. This organization’s latest effort to boost hand washing is a video called “Wash ‘Em.” Sure, it’s entertaining to see members of the staff dance around the hospital, but there’s also a nice little demonstration that shows exactly “How to Handwash” at the 3:00 minute mark of the video (perfectly synchronized with the extended guitar solo). Make sure to share this video and don’t forget…”Wash ‘Em!”