FRIDAY FUNNY: More Subtle Than Lighting A Match?

While cleanliness may be next to godliness, what is smelliness next to? For facilities managers tirelessly fighting the never ending restroom complaint battle (and who isn’t?), there is a new weapon in development that’s designed to address the issue of relentless restroom odor. It’s THE SNIFFER!

Invented by Pilar P. Mottu, Jr., The Sniffer is a vacuum exhaust system and diffuser secured between the rim and seat of a toilet bowl. It provides an easy way to keep bathrooms free of unpleasant odors and reduce unsanitary matter from toilets.

The Sniffer is comprised of sealed gasket plate set between the rim and seat of the toilet. This component is a suction for odor (and the odor diffuser) and waste matter particles. The odor and matter are taken into the unit and through a connection hose that leads into a vacuum pumping mechanism located on the exterior side of the bowl.

Supported by an egress flange, the system also has a low voltage exhaust motor, fan, and venting mechanism to direct odors away from the source. In addition to removing odors, The Sniffer also suctions away and helps reduce many of the microscopic germs and bacteria that can infiltrate the bathroom each time the toilet is flushed. Simple to install and reasonably priced, The Sniffer is suitable for business establishments, restaurants, travel plazas, and other locations.

Mottu invented The Sniffer based on the idea that it would, “effectively eliminate unpleasant odors before one enters a bathroom; The Sniffer ensures a much more inviting environment. Additionally, this product offers an alternative to costly air fresheners which only mask odors. Another advantage is that surfaces wouldn’t have to be scrubbed down every time the toilet is used.”

Development of this product is being handled by Invention Resource International. It is not yet available to the general public and is still in the design phase.