Friday Funny: Music Classroom Gets A Tune Up

Victoria Sundberg, a music teacher at Lake Marion Elementary in Lakeville, MN, is the first-ever winner of Atmosphere Commercial Interiors' FLIP Your Classroom contest.

Last week, music teacher Victoria Sundberg walked through her classroom doors at Lake Marion Elementary in Lakeville, MN to see her newly updated music room for the first time. Followed by teachers and eager students, Sundberg wasn’t alone in her excitement and awe at the updated space: A handful of parents accompanied their children as the newly refurbished music room was revealed for the first time.

classroom makeover

As the winner of Atmosphere Commercial Interiors‘ first annual FLIP Your Classroom contest, Sundberg was awarded $50,000 to design a classroom that would deliver a high-quality educational experience. The goal of the contest to provide students and teachers with a space that fosters collaboration, teamwork, and peer-to-peer communication. It was open to public, private, charter and magnet schools with enrollment of more than 125 students, serving students in grades K-12 in the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area.

classroom makeover

“I’m just so thankful to Atmosphere for the incredible amount of work they put into my room, for their dedication to not only just providing these products but teaching me to use them and implement them and really just doing an amazing job overall with this transformation,” said Sundberg, who teaches music to all 600 students at the school.

“It was such a great morning seeing the reveal of Ms. Sundberg’s new music room. Atmosphere did a fantastic job!” said Rachel Wand, parent of two of Sundberg’s students.

classroom makeover

Organization and storage were two of Sundberg’s highest priorities. Sundberg visited Atmosphere to meet with the design team where she handpicked the selections and finishes to bring her music room from vision to reality. Together, they worked to ensure that the new classroom design blended with the existing facility.

Atmosphere brought in Cascades System by Smith System, a mobile and effortless organization system designed for classrooms. A sit-stand desk was provided to Sundberg so she can change her posture and position throughout the day, increasing her overall comfort. Seating options throughout the room include Noodle Chairs by Smith System and Turnstone Buoys by Steelcase, and space was dedicated to interactive learning elements featuring Verb Whiteboards by Steelcase.

classroom makeover
(Images: Atmosphere Commercial Interiors)

“Atmosphere has been top-notch all the way through—from announcing it to the planning of the materials and then to executing this whole flip,” said Bret Domstrand, Principal, Lake Marion Elementary. “I’m a whole-hearted believer in what Atmosphere can do for a classroom.”

Click here to watch a video of the classroom reveal!