FRIDAY FUNNY: Never Go To Bed Hungry

Fun with food is prevalent in many a restaurant’s menu offerings these days. But one other way that commercial establishments can have fun with food is through their furnishings and other decor. For instance, a restaurant combating slow service issues may want to employ these edible bread chairs to keep patrons satisfied while waiting for their meals.

Edible chairs by Spanish industrial designer Enoc Armengol

Meanwhile, sushi bars can welcome customers in comfort with this food inspired ottoman by Mimi Tin.

Sushi Ottoman by Mimi Tin

Or a company that specializes in sweet treats could outfit their lobby with this cupcake table by Jellio.

Cupcake Table By Jellio

These and the other items seen here definitely add some flair to their surroundings, such as this fortune cookie stool by Po Shun Leong or the GummiLights by Jellio.

GummiLights by Jellio

And after a busy day, the facility manager can go home for a good night’s sleep in his or her hamburger shaped bed. This particular piece of furniture now occupies a spot in the Hamburger Museum, a labor of love put together by Harry Sperl, who curates the collection in a section of his home.

Creator Kayla Kromer sold the bed on EBay for a fundraiser in 2009.