FRIDAY FUNNY: Playing Hooky

Some employees call it a mental health day, but it’s really something else—playing hooky. And since today is really the first beautiful Friday on the East Coast in a very long time, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to dust off this fun, yet educational, modern classic.

The Hooky Book, by Kerry Speckman, can offer managers two advantages. First, it provides secret insight into some excuses from staff that may not be entirely legitimate. Does an excuse sound familiar yet contrived? Perhaps it was suggested by the author and used by several employees, just with a slightly different spin.

Second, it gives a tip or two to those managers who may craving a mental health day of their own, but count on the fact that their “higher ups” won’t be wise to the excuses presented by the author.


Have we got an excuse for you … actually, more than 200 of them!

As a professional fib fabricator, author Kerry Speckman knows how to get you out of work, school and anything else you want to skip out on. She’s so good at it, in fact, she managed to weasel out of 26 days working for one company — and was still named one of its outstanding employees of the year.

For the first time, Kerry spills her best tips, tricks and tales in The Hooky Book including:

• Why you owe it to yourself to play hooky
• How to craft a believable excuse
• And, most important, how to avoid getting caught

With Kerry’s invaluable advice and experience, you’ll learn how you, too, can climb the corporate ladder without leaving the living room couch.

So for those of you who need a morale boost, check this little gem out for the perfect excuse. And for those of you playing truant officer, well, this book is a necessity!

Happy (un)Hookying!