Friday Funny: Repurposing With A Purpose

Ski lift which can be made into architectural materials.
Ski Lift Cable

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Do you believe an industrial-sized waste stream from a ski resort could be made into a useful architectural accessory? What about trash from a coal mine being beautifully “repurposed” into a fantastic, durable garage floor?

Black hand railing made from ski lift cable.
Ski lift cable repurposed as a hand railing

One company is focusing on the creative re-use side of the three-sided reduce, re-use, recycle triangle. That company, Repurposed Materials, offers an entire product line made of repurposed items.

What exactly is repurposing? According to the company’s website, it’s taking byproducts and waste from one industry and treating them in a way that makes them useful in another industry, but without all of the energy and effort necessary in recycling. So repurposing makes use of the products “as is” in creative and practical ways.

Here are some examples.

  • Advertising Billboards repurposed as tarps for equipment, materials, etc.
  • Scrap Conveyor Belting repurposed as protective mats, etc.
  • Rubber Roofing Membrane repurposed as pond liners, etc.
  • Super Sacks repurposed as waste and debris containers, etc.
  • Rubber Roofing Membrane repurposed as heavy duty weed barriers and pond liner
  • Filter Cloths repurposed as tough, yard debris tarps
  • 275 gal Totes repurposed as water tanks, fire fighting rigs, etc
    Rubber flooring made from repurposed conveyor belt rubber.
    Rubber from conveyor belt repurposed as heavy duty flooring.
Unused coal mine conveyor belt ready to be repurposed.
Coal mine conveyor belt

Repurposed Materials is a resource for companies in the market to purchase or dispose of waste byproducts and the subsequent products they make. And while the company got its start in materials, it is also interested in inventories, chemicals, food ingredients, or just about anything that is out-of-date, out-of-spec, or otherwise obsolete. Your trash may be treasure for someone else…or vice versa!