Friday Funny: There's No Place Like The Bathroom For The Holidays

What could be more festive than free public bathrooms? That must have been the question Charmin execs asked when they decided to build temporary facilities in the heart of New York City, Times Square.

Converted from a former bar, these bathrooms come equipped with porcelain sinks and toilets. Each stall is outfitted with a different theme, including Wall Street, Times Square, and one dedicated to Doris Roberts, star of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and the spokeswoman for Charmin.

Charmin has provided a waiting room with flat-screen TVs and a fireplace. There’s even a photo station where children can have their picture taken with the company’s mascot, the teddy bear.

Stalls will be cleaned after each use, and Charmin is expecting a lot of weary and desperate visitors. They predict there will be 300,000 flushes and about 10,800 megarolls used.

These bathrooms will close on New Year’s Eve at 6pm, so if you’ve gotta go, do it now!