Friday Funny: This Isn’t Santa’s Workshop

More than half of workers say they will shop online while on the job — or “workshop” — this holiday season, and 44% admit their productivity will take a hit.

Many American employees plan to create their own version of Santa’s workshop this holiday season, according to new research from Robert Half Technology. But it’s not what you might think: More than half (52%) of employees who responded to a survey said they will shop online from the office or while using a corporate device — otherwise known as “workshopping.” Of those respondents, 44% admitted that surfing for deals hinders their on-the-job productivity.

holiday workshopIn a separate survey, 77% of technology leaders said their firm allows workshopping, but more than half (52%) prefer employees abstain from the activity. Security risks (59%) and loss of productivity (34%) were cited as the top workshopping concerns among tech managers.

“The weeks leading into the holiday season can be particularly hectic for employees, so it’s no wonder many are multitasking,” said Ryan Sutton, a district president of Robert Half Technology. “Team leaders concerned with productivity and technology managers responsible for organizational security should review their company policies with staff before issues arise.”

The survey also found:

  • Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey, Miami, Los Angeles, and Phoenix have the most employees who plan to workshop this holiday season; professionals in Phoenix, San Diego, and Austin are most likely to feel their shopping will hamper productivity.
  • More men (58%) than women (48%) and 62% of working parents versus 39% of respondents without children said they will shop online from work.
  • Employees ages 25-40 (65%) are most likely to “workshop.”
  • Male professionals (54%) and employees ages 18 to 24 (63%) are more likely to report productivity decreases due to workshopping.
  • Half of all workshoppers said they’ll spend between 30 and 60 minutes per week shopping on the job during the holiday season, and 20% will partake in the activity for more than an hour each week.
  • Cyber Monday is the most popular workshopping day among employees (43%), followed by Amazon Prime Day (38%). Thirty-seven percent of workers admitted they like to shop any day of the week.

The online surveys include responses from 2,800 workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments and more than 2,800 IT decision makers in 28 major U.S. markets.

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