Friday Funny: What Is Your Desk Personality?

Whether it’s immaculately neat, or a total mess, your desk provides insight into who you are and how you like to work. Check out this infographic then take a fun interactive quiz to discover your unique desk personality!

If you work in an office environment, your desk can provide a unique glimpse into your personality, telling your colleagues who you are and how you like to work. In fact, 57% of people admit they judge their coworkers by the state of their workspaces, according to an infographic from UK-based JFK Binding Supplies Ltd.

desk personality
Credit: Digital Vision

What’s the state of your work desk? Can you barely see the screen because of the clutter that’s accumulated over weeks and months? Or does your desk have to be absolutely free from clutter at all times with everything at right angles? Maybe you like to personalize your desk with knick-knacks, photos, plants and various other items to give it some personality.

Take a look at your desk right now, and ask yourself, what’s the first word that would pop into your coworkers’ minds when they walk by? Is it “cluttered?” If so, your colleagues may be getting the impression that you are creative but unproductive. Is it “empty?” Your coworkers may think you are hard working and disciplined, but maybe also a little boring.

The infographic below looks at some of the most common desk personality types and analyzes what they say about those who keep them that way.

Does your desk look like one of these?

desk personaliltyWant to learn more about what your desk says about you? Take this fun, interactive online quiz from and find out!