FRIDAY FUNNY: Workplace One Liners

These little workplace humor tidbits were originally posted by Lane Olinghouse. Feel free to add your own in the comments section or share over the table at Thanksgiving (or any family dinner, for that matter).

A company installed a new security system. Now all the doors are alarmed.

We don’t know which is worse – having more problems than solutions or more solutions than problems.

We learn from our mistakes – and never lack for study material.

You can tell when something is an office secret: it’s whispered from person to person.

Anyone who wants a rush job really badly will more than likely get it that way.

It seems we have a few tasks around here so simple some people can perform them in their sleep.

Some days it seems we have nothing but bad breaks and coffee breaks.

We react to a crisis with the utmost decorum. The shouting and screaming are only coincidental.

Someone in administration put up a sign reading “Think!” and would like to know who added: “Or Thwim!”

We hope we have put up an adequate number of exit and directional signs so no one will have any trouble getting lost.

The boss frowns on anyone yelling: “Hey Weirdo!” He says too many people look up from their work.

When things go wrong, there’s usually plenty of blame to go around – no need for one person to hog it all.

Photo: Heidi Schwartz

We have at least six ways to get outside: The front entrance, the back entrance, three side entrances – and dial nine.

It’s always a race to get everything sorted out before everyone gets out of sorts.

Things really haven’t gotten worse. We’ve just improved our inter-departmental communication skills.

Anything that could possibly go wrong often does – as well as a thing or two that couldn’t possibly.

Despite appearances to the contrary, we would not rather be wrong than quiet.

We all wish for the kind of computer that, when a mistake occurs, it can put the blame where it belongs: on another computer.


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