Frost & Sullivan Offers Analysis Of Integrated Facility Management Market

According to analysis by Frost & Sullivan, North American Integrated Facility Management Services Market, environmental concerns among end-users and implementation of new government policies—such as the Energy Conservation Policy in 2005—is making some opportunities open in the Integrated Facility Management (I-FM) services market in North America. The opportunities are included in various end-user segments such as healthcare, education, government buildings where services in building O&M, janitorial services, IT, and telecom have the potential to be outsourced.

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The Frost & Sullivan analysis reveals that the total North American I-FM services market earned revenue of $25.37 billion in 2005, and it estimates this market will reach $44.54 billion in 2012.

“The IT and telecom service sector is expected to grow at the fastest pace as compared to others owing to the increased market demand and clients’ adaptability of advance technology to serve their customers,” says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Sapan Agarwal.

Increasing trends in mergers and acquisitions, and alliances between various I-FM services companies with IT and telecom companies, such as the alliance between Johnson Controls and IBM, has worked successfully to be one of the world’s largest companies.

A high level of delayed maintenance is occurring within most large-scale client companies. There are various reasons causing the delay such as a lack of infrastructure and less interest driving facility managers to take initiatives due to improper communication between service vendors and facility managers.

“An integrated facilities management solution directly affects a client company’s ability to achieve its business objectives and helps concentration in its core competencies,“ notes Agarwal.

The challenge is negotiating an equitable contract whereby deferred maintenance issues are addressed in the beginning and then proper proactive and predictive maintenance systems are implemented throughout the term of the I-FM agreement.

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