Fujitsu Expands Unitary Ducted Equipment Offering

Fujitsu has expanded their line of unitary products

Fujitsu General America has expanded its line of unitary ducted products. The company now offers a broader selection of residential air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces as well as a new line of light commercial equipment.

These new high-efficiency residential split system products, residential packaged units, and light commercial rooftop equipment allows Fujitsu to compete with all major competitors in the unitary ducted equipment marketplace.

unitary ductedNew residential products include air conditioners with two-stage or fully-modulating inverter scroll compressors with efficiencies up to 20 SEER and 13 EER. Fujitsu gas furnaces now offer 80% AFUE models with LoNox options, and 96-98%t AFUE models with two-stage or fully-modulating gas valves and ECM motor technology.

New light commercial package rooftops are available in three through 25 tons, including air conditioning only, gas/electric, heat pump, and re-heat models in a wide variety of efficiency options

Noteworthy is Fujitsu’s 7.5-12.5-ton platform, compatible with some competitive manufacturer footprints, eliminating the need for adapter curbs while also aligning with gas/other utility connections.

“With the introduction of these products, the complete Fujitsu unitary offering is well-positioned to satisfy the needs of any distributor and their contractor or dealer base,” stated Brian Michael, director of Fujitsu’s unitary products business.