Fujitsu USB Dongles Add Wirepas Massive Functions

The FWM8BLZ09x series of wireless Mesh units and Mesh sensor units feature built-in Wirepas Massive network connectivity, adding its functions to existing networks and equipment

Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has introduced a series of USB dongles featuring built-in Wirepas Massive network connectivity. The FWM8BLZ09x USB dongles provide a simple and cost-effective way to bring Wirepas Massive Anchor or Tag functions to any equipment with a USB port, or Wirepas Massive Sink function to any existing Wi-Fi gateway that is capable of supporting Wirepas gateway software. Anchor functionality could also be added to an existing Wi-Fi gateway for asset tracking via an extra USB port without needing any gateway software.USB Dongles

Wirepas Connectivity is mesh network which uses decentralized radio protocol stack irrespective of any hardware and any radio frequency chip. Wirepas Massive has automated interference avoidance so that one network can handle thousands of assets and multiple use cases. This IoT network protocol software enables wireless IoT networking on a massive scale and can be used to connect, locate, and identify sensors, beacons, assets, machines, and meters.

The FWM8BLZ09x series includes Anchor (FWM8BLZ09P), Tag (FWM8BLZ09T), and Sink (FWM8BLZ09S) dongles based on the Nordic nRF52833. All are powered by a standard, Type A USB interface, with only the Sink node utilizing any data communication for a Wirepas gateway application.

Target applications include indoor location and tracking of people and assets on a massive scale with the Anchor and Tag nodes. Additionally, existing mesh sensor networks can be extended utilizing the Sink node and a supporting gateway for industrial IoT monitoring solutions within smart offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and more.

The FWM8BLZ09P/T make equipment with a USB port work as Wirepas Massive Anchor or Tag (e.g., connect it to USB port of laptop PC and it works as a tag to manage location of the PC). THE FWM8BLZ09S allows gateway developers to build a Wirepas Massive Gateway by inserting this product to existing gateways and incorporating Wirepas Massive Gateway software.

Operational parameters such as NODE_ROLE (HEAD_NODE/SUB_NODE) setting and Bluetooth Low Energy advertise setting, can be changed. FWM8BLZ09S setting can be changed via USB (virtual UART) or Remote API function (wireless). FWM8BLZ09P/T setting can be changed via command AppCongig or Remote API functions (wireless).

The dongles have a compact 17.5 x 14.2 x 6.6mm footprint, an LED power indicator light, and an operating temperature of -22°F to 140°F. They are currently FCC/ISED, CE, and Radio Act Japan certified, with RCM certification (Australia) in-progress and RSM certification (New Zealand) planned.


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